Ollie Skelton

MAFS’ Ollie Skelton has hard-launched his new girlfriend

"I have never felt this way about a person"

Married At First Sight’s Ollie Skelton has hard launched his relationship with his new girlfriend, and the love birds have dropped some very big news.

After a two-month hiatus from his podcast, Tosser, Ollie dropped a new episode on Sunday introducing his new partner Nadia Marvin.

“There’s been a lot of noise, a lot barking, a lot shouting regarding… my new relationship,” Ollie began,” Ollie said during the episode, which was titled Meet Nadia.

Ollie and Nadia explained that they met through Ollie’s producer, who was Nadia’s roommate.

“We’ve essentially been inseparable ever since,” Ollie said.

Ollie and his girlfriend Nadia
Ollie and Nadia. Instagram.

Ollie and Nadia’s first date

Nadia revealed that she was intrigued by Ollie after her housemate suggested that they meet up.

“I was single and seen a bit of Ollie on TikTok,” revealed Nadia.

“You sent me a DM and we met [at a pub] in Surry Hills,” Ollie added.

The former MAFS groom gushed about the strong feelings had for Nadia as soon as he met her.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh my gosh’ – you know when you play skip rope in Year 7, you’ve got two ropes and you just jump in and you’re skipping?

“That’s what it felt as soon we met, it felt like I’d known you for so long,” he said.

Ollie and his girlfriend Nadia
Ollie and Nadia. Instagram.

Ollie and Nadia are moving in together

The couple has basically been inseparable ever since, and revealed during the podcast episode that they were moving in together.

“Ever since that Wednesday, you’ve been I would say, living with me,” laughed Nadia, referring to their first date.

“Yes, soon to be, I’m moving in,” he revealed.

“We just didn’t want to leave each other,” Ollie continued. “I think the biggest thing about this whole thing is how strong these feelings are.”

Ollie addressed his break up from Tahnee

Ollie found fame after marrying Tahnee on Married at First Sight Australia 2023. The pair were one of the few couples to make it through the experiment together and split after 16 months together.

Tahnee and Ollie. Nine.

Despite their relatively recent breakup, Ollie made it clear that he is well and truly over his ex.

“I understand the perception of this being ‘quick’. The reality is Tahnee and I broke up last November,” he began.

“Regarding Nadia, I have never felt this way about a person. Truly. That’s not a gloat, but rather acknowledging that everyone moves at their own pace and everyone’s story is different too.

“I’m so happy and I hope you guys can support that but if you can’t that’s OK too,” he concluded.

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