Chef Anthony Ircane

“It’s a giant party in my head”: The real reason why Below Deck’s Chef Anthony is so disorganised

"I'm in my little bubble and so I cannot see what's going on"

Below Deck’s Chef Anthony Iracane has struggled to keep up with a high-pressure galley on St David; however, it turns out, there’s a very valid reason for his disorganisation.

Speaking to Chattr during the season 11 run, Chef Anthony admitted he knew his workstation was “a really big mess”.

“I have…ADD, when you can’t be focused,” he said while also adding he has “dyslexia” which was revealed during the April 2 episode.

“Honestly, when you cook with all the passion and love you have inside, you don’t really care about the organisation,” he said. “I just wanted to give really beautiful dishes to guests. That’s what I’m focused on.”

He continued: “In my brain, it’s like a giant party and sometimes that’s why when I’m cooking, I’m not really talking to anyone. I call that, I’m in my little bubble and so I cannot see what’s going on.

“I cannot be focused on cleaning [or] organising the table. I’m just trying to make one of the best dishes for the guests.”

Chef Anthony quickly became a fan-favourite due to his positive attitude and loving nature, made more poignant by the story about the death of his father.

“You know the Disney movie called The Princess and the Frog?,” he asked. “I’m the fu**ing princess. She had a dream with her dad and the dad passed away, and they wanted to open a restaurant. At the end of the movie, she opens a restaurant.

“It’s a long ride and everybody experiences life differently. Every pain is different, so I just try to be a really good person every day and bring happiness through the cuisine because this world is so fu**ed up right now.”

As for the drama on the super yacht, Chef Anthony likes to steer clear — especially not taking sides when it comes to Barbie Pascual and Fraser Olender.

Fraser Olender and Barbie Pascual, Below Deck. Hayu
Fraser Olender and Barbie Pascual, Below Deck. Hayu

“It’s one crew, one family,” he said, before admitting he doesn’t take sides.

“I said, ‘Guys, we’re on the same fucking boat. Let’s try to be together. Let’s try to be one family.”

Finally, the reality star revealed what we can expect from the rest of their charters.

“More love, more crying, and an amazing season,” he said.

Brand new episodes of Below Deck are streaming Tuesdays on Hayu, the same day as the USA.

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