Mel Anastasia The Bachelors Australia 2023

Oh fun! We’ve had our first stripper comment on The Bachelors 2023, so clearly, this is going great

"Men work for me. I don't work for men."

Well, sh-t. We’ve had our first taste of DRAMA on The Bachelors Australia 2023 thanks to a comment made by Mel asking if Anastasia was a, *checks notes*, stripper.

For those of you who couldn’t wait to watch at 7.30 pm on Ten, others witnessed a truly baffling conversation when the first episode was uploaded to 10Play on Saturday, December 2.

But, before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s rewind and talk about Anastasia.

Anastasia is as blunt as a hammer and said that Ben made the “best first impression”, given that she was “expecting someone as ugly as from last season and she was “shocked they had someone decent looking.” LEL.

Anastasia, The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten

While Kristen said she “would smash” Ben, Anastasia believed that there was zero competition because she was “in a situation with 20 idiots.”

Even though we’re not going to tell her that there are actually 23 other “idiots” as she calls them, we’re getting the sense her candid outlook will provide some hilarious moments throughout the season…

Mel asks Anastasia if she was a “stripper”

Anyway, back to #StripperGate…

During the Bridgerton-esque ball (?!) Mel asked Anastasia how she felt given that she had “been really quiet” before asking her new comrade what she did for work.

“You’re not going to guess what I do,” Anastasia told her before Mel said SHE wanted to, well, guess.

Mel, The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten
Mel, The Bachelors Australia 2023. Ten

“I think I might know,” Mel told her. “Are you a stripper?” WOW.

Clearly surprised by this comment, Anastasia is all like, “Da fuq?” because she’s actually a property developer and builder, calling the comment “disrespectful”.

Backtracking, Mel tries to smooth it over by calling her a “hot b–tch” and says she “didn’t mean to offend” her. 👀 Meanwhile, she also thought they were “just having fun” and goes on to say how much she “loves strippers”.

“I love sex workers and I will support them. Personally, for me, in my world, it’s not a taboo thing. It’s not something to be embarrassed about.”

Firstly, Anastasia wasn’t embarrassed about it since she wasn’t one. In fact, she was — and rightly so — confused by the whole thing.

“I’m a builder. It’s the complete opposite. Men work for me. I don’t work for men.”

Well then. Their relationship will be interesting moving forward!

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