Anastasia The Bachelors 2023

The Bachelors 2023: Meet Anastasia — mum, business owner and a woman who never settles for less

Anastasia has a 4.5 year old daughter

Anastasia from The Bachelors Australia 2023 is as blunt as a hammer which is fitting given she started a building company at age 25.

According to her 10 bio, the property developer from Victoria is a woman of “unwavering determination” and has a strong sense of self, which is also why she has extremely high standards when it comes to dating.

When looking for a partner, she has one question: “What do you bring to the table”, which frankly is what all people should aspire to.

Her parents have also been together since they were 14 (cute!) and while dating hasn’t been at the top of her priority list, she does aspire to be like them.

Anastasia and her daughter. Instagram

When asked why she thinks she is still single, her answer is simple.

“I had no interest in dating, I wanted to focus on my daughter, work and just didn’t feel the need to have
a man around,” she said. “I don’t like meeting people via social media, only if I’m out for dinner and meet in person but I am also quite a homebody.”

In fact, she’s been engaged twice and is an independent woman (throw your hands up that wayyy), who has worked hard to achieve a comfortable life, holding herself to a high standard.

In terms of what she’s looking for, she wants a partner who allows her to embrace her feminine energy and nurturing nature.

Anastasia, The Bachelors 2023. Instagram

In terms of what she isn’t looking for, basically, she just wants the bare minimum. No drama, gaslighting, lying or insecure men who need validation from another woman. Oh, and they can’t be unhygienic, which also seems like a basic need.

As a business owner, her produces achievement has been building her company from scratch at 25.

“I didn’t realise at the time but when I look back, I’m proud of my younger self,” she said.

She is now ready to write the next chapter of her love story and hopes to find a man who truly
appreciates her for who she is… and we bet, he’s not one of The Bachelors.

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