Darrsh on Masterchef

“Disagreements between the judges”: Darrsh reveals which MasterChef judge was his favourite

"They didn't always agree, which you don't always see"

MasterChef Australia has seen a panel of new judges this season, and Darrsh Clarke has revealed which of those he learned the most from.

Darrsh was eliminated during Chef Guillaume’s Brahimi Pressure Test Challenge after judges Poh Ling Yeow, Andy AllenJean-Christophe Novelli and Sofia Levin deemed his dish the least impressive in comparison to Harry and Sav’s.

Despite his elimination, Darrsh told Chattr that he was super proud of himself for making it to the top six, and revealed just how much he learned from the judges during his time on the show.

“There’s a lot of unknowns leading in right, not just from the Australian public, but us as contestants about how things are going to go,” Darrsh said of the new judging lineup.

The MasterChef judges
The MasterChef Australia 2024 judges. Ten.

Darrsh said one judge gave the contestants advice when the cameras weren’t rolling

The Perth-born Home Cook had only good things to say about all four of the 2024 MasterChef Australia judges, but he singled out one in particular.

“I learned the most from Andy,” Darrsh revealed. “I liked getting feedback from all of them, because they would all give their own spin or flavour on it.”

“Andy would really give you tips, not only what was shown, but even the stuff that wasn’t shown. He would come up after a tasting kinda and say, ‘Hey, this was great, but you should have done this or you could have changed this’. He was really tangible with his feedback,” he added.

MasterChef judge Andy Allen
Andy Allen and his mum. Ten.

Darrsh admitted that the judges sometimes didn’t agree on the assessment of the contestant’s dishes, and said this wasn’t always necessarily shown in the episode.

“They didn’t always agree, which you don’t always see; when there are disagreements between the judges,” he said.

Darrsh on what he learnt from MasterChef Australia

Leaving MasterChef Australia 2024 in sixth place, Darrsh said he smashed his hopes of making it to the top ten.

The dessert expert says he’s left the show as a much better cook than when he started.

“I’ve learnt so much, I was saying to my mates the other day that I’ve probably improved as a cook by two or three times.

“Just about savoury, about what flavours were together about how to work clean,” he laughed. “My first Pressure Test was an absolute nightmare and that changed me and I’m the cleanest cook now!”

Darrsh on MasterChef
Darrsh on MasterChef. Ten.

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