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Preston on how the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard cast stays friends amid ALL the drama

"Sometimes I hate you on Wednesdays, and I love you on Fridays"

It wouldn’t be Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard with alllll the drama, and the show’s star Preston Mitchum has explained how they manage to stay friends despite the emotional turbulence.

This season alone there’s been tension between Bria and Tasia, an explosive altercation where Summer pushed Bria, and a feud between Preston and, erm, Bria.

But despite seemingly constant quarrels, most of the house manages to (somehow) stay friends at the end of the day.

During an interview with Chattr, Preston explained just how the cast manages that.

Martha’s Vineyard. Hayu.

“This is it’s just fascinating, right? I think people sometimes want us to be these enemies. And I’m like, ‘No, because we’re friends’. We go through friend things, right?” He said.

“I mean sometimes I hate you on Wednesdays, and I love you on Fridays,” he laughed.

Preston explained that he believes true friendship is when you can communicate openly.

“If we’re gonna be able to be friends. We need to tell each other you are getting on my nerves. Leave me alone for the rest of the day. Right? That is a friend,” he said.

“Now if you have that a little too much, then you may have to question your friends.”

“I think people look at us and are like, ‘No, there’s no way they’re friends’. But – maybe unfortunately – yes, we are.”

Martha’s Vineyard. Hayu.

Preston explains where stands with Bria now

Preston and Bria have locked horns a few times this season, however, the established attorney says that they’re still good mates.

“The joke always make about Brianna is that she has a little sister I don’t think I’ve ever wanted, but I got her nonetheless,” he laughed.

“Are there moments where she gets on my nerves? Oh my god. Yes,” he added. “But I think I’d take it in stride.”

Martha's Vineyard season two
Martha’s Vineyard. Hayu.

Preston said that he respects that Bria is willing to own her mistakes at times.

“What I can say about her in particular is that when we do talk, when I share my experiences with her, she’s like, ‘You know what? It’s me. I’m trippin’ huh?” And I can’t say that’s true for a lot of people that I know.”

“I’ve always found her to be fun and lively and I really appreciate her many ways,” he said. “I’m grateful that we can always come back to our friendship.”

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