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Inside Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s water-tight I’m a Celeb contract clause

"Natural is overrated."

There is no bigger celebrity than icon of Australian television Kerri-Anne Kennerley and with a big name comes an equally large I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here contract clause.

On Sunday April 2, Kennerley was announced as one of the celebs going into the jungle for the 2023 season — and apparently, she was a “get” that was years in the making.

According to, Network Ten’s head of entertainment Stephen Tate had been asking the star to appear on the show since 2015. This meant, that once she was finally “in”, she had a bargaining power like no other.

kerri-anne kennerley
Source: Ten.

During the interview with the outlet, “KaK” as she is fondly known, said that she had a “few provisos”.

“I get to take makeup,” she said. “Natural is very overrated.”

While we shouldn’t except a full face of make-up, she did say that she “won’t be natural because natural takes a long time. Every girl knows that.” HA!

When Kennerley was asked if she was worried what the other campmates would say about the contract win, she said: “They should just get better management. Not my problem.” Lol! Love her!

Fans may even be excited to know that she’s ridden camels, bulls, horses and held snakes, so the beasts of the jungle will be no match for her and when it comes to heights?

“I’ve abseiled out of a few choppers. Flying-foxed off the top of (television station) GTV in Melbourne … did that a couple of times.”

In 2020, Kennerley performed in Sydney’s Pippin and performed some fabulous — yet risky — trapeze stunts.

Unfortunately, during one particular performance, she landed straight on her collarbone, breaking it — revealing that she now has a 12-centimetre plate.

Who is Kerri-Anne Kennerley?

For those who were born after the year 2000, you may not know what an icon Kennerley really is.

The 69-year-old has been a staple on Aussie TV for over three decades, with her most recent stint being on Studio 10.

After two years, she was ousted from the program; however, during the same interview with said she looked back on her tenure with “great pride”.

“My entire career has been spent going, “Okay, I’ve got this job at the moment, let me try and keep it,’” she said.

I’m A Celeb continues at 7:30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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