Eesha under the bed on Hunted Australia

Hunted Fugitive Eesha explains why she hid under the bed, and where she wishes she hid instead

"I have replayed that moment in my mind so many times"

Hunted Australia Fugitives Eesha and Bayan were just five days away from the extraction point when they were caught by the Hunters.

Bayan headed outside of the unit they were staying in to get some fresh air and locked eye contact with one of the Hunters who recognised him. After running back to the apartment, the two fugitives were surrounded by Hunters, but Eesha hid in the apartment before Bayan surrendered himself.

While Bayan told the Hunters that Eesha had left, and they found her in the apartment in perhaps the most obvious hiding spot in Hunted history – under the bed.

Hunted. Australia.

Looking back Eesha defended her decision to try and conceal herself there, but said on reflection there were so many other places she should have chosen.

“I have replayed that moment in my mind so many times and when I look back on it, I think ‘My god, there were probably better hiding spots’,” she told Chattr in a post-elimination episode.

Where does Eesha wish she hid?

The Hunted Fugitive admitted that she couldn’t think straight in the heat of the moment, but in retrospect, she came out with a hiding spot that she believes would have been a better option.

“The homeowners had these bags of clothes in the closet, so I was thinking, ‘Well, I thought I should just put myself in a bag and put all the clothes on top of me, because they’re more likely to look under the bed than inside a trash bag full of clothes’. We’ve come up with so many alternatives since then,” she said.

Eesha and Bayan on Hunted Australia episode 9
Hunted. Australia.

Eesha defended herself and said she didn’t simply climb under the bed, and said she tried to curl up in a ball behind other objects so she couldn’t be found.

“I wasn’t just like, ‘I’m gonna hide under the bed’. We put a decent amount of effort into covering everything up! If you’d have looked at any of the sides I wouldn’t have been seen but it’s because they lifted up the mattress that it was game over,” she said.

“We could have done it differently. Maybe we could have put a blanket there. We could have put clothes there, like so many other ways we could have done it.”

“At the end of the day, when you’re in that moment everything is so stressful. I don’t think you always have the time to think of the best, most optimal solution because you’re trying to come up with something really quickly. That seemed like it was the best thing that we could have possibly done. Even if I only had a small percentage chance that I would have gotten away with it. It was worth taking that risk.”

Six Fugitives remain on the run as Hunted continues Sunday night at 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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