Andy and Bec

Andy Lee has proposed to his girlfriend Rebecca Harding after a decade together

You've got to see her ring!

Radio host and TV personality Andy Lee has proposed to his girlfriend Rebecca Harding after ten years of dating.

Andy shared the big news on the Hamish & Andy podcast that dropped at midnight on May 1.

“I asked Bec to marry me on Sunday,” Andy casually announced.

He shared that Rebecca said yes, and Andy’s co-host Hamish then introduced her on air, who joked that they should have waited “another couple of years”.

Andy and Rebecca. Instagram.

Andy’s proposal

Andy shared that he popped the question to Rebecca on a cosy night in. He explained that he pretended there was something in their fireplace, and then stayed on one knee holding a napkin.

“When I was down there, I stayed on one knee and I gave her another napkin — because when I first met her at the cafe, I wrote on a napkin my details,” he said.

“I had a supporting ring behind the napkin,” Andy added.

Rebecca showing her engagement ring. Instagram.

Rebecca was actually at a Michael Hill event on Wednesday night, just hours before her engagement to Andy was announced on the podcast. However, she was sure to remove her ring in order to keep the surprise.

Rebecca at the event sans engagement ring. Michael Hill.

How did Rebecca and Andy meet?

Andy and Rebecca met at a Melbourne cafe when she waited his table back in 2014 after the radio host had written his details down for her.

“She was attractive, but it was more her bubbly personality and how she wasn’t good at her job,” he said in a column for The Age in 2022.

“She’d leave a table knowing about the person’s grandchildren or dog, but forget their order. I ordered cups of tea I never drank and eventually left a note on a napkin.”

After publicly debuting their relationship in 2015, Rebecca felt “immense pressure” being in the public eye and the pair broke up for six months.

“It was a really sad, tough time – and confronting because I had to accept that what I do for a living created the situation,” Lee said in the same column.

Rebeca added: “I was starting my career and doubting myself and my ability. Did I get this job because of who I’m dating? I’d make friends and wonder, do they actually like me? I struggled.”

However, after six months apart Andy reached out to Rebecca and the pair got back together.

They’ve been a couple ever since, and have recently bought a house in Melbourne together.

Listen to Andy share the big news on the Hamish & Andy podcast:

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