Timothy on MAFS

Over a decade ago, MAFS’ Timothy was on another reality TV show and you’ve gotta see it

What a blast from the past

Timothy Smith may not seem like the cookie-cutter reality TV type of person, but Married At First Sight actually isn’t the first show he’s been on.

The Australian MAFS Groom appeared on Canadian TV series The Liquidator back in 2016, and boy, is it a blast from the past.

The show follows Jeff Schwarz, who buys and sells used and unwanted goods to customers. Timothy and a woman called Collette come to Jeff’s shop and want to purchase a polar bear statue.

Timothy on The Liquidators. Facebook.

“We’ve just opened up a restaurant,” Collette says before Timothy adds that they “came to buy a bear”.

Jeff reveals to the camera that he originally paid $350 for the bear, and offers Timothy it for $1,150. After some haggling they eventually agree on a price of $700 plus two free meals at the pair’s new restaurant.

“I personally think, when he’s got bigger ears, he’ll look like a koala,” Timothy tells the woman.

Timothy on The Liquidators. Facebook.

You can watch the bizarre interaction for yourself below.

MAFS fans react to Timothy’s The Liquidator appearance

Married at First Sight fans were intrigued to see Timothy on TV over a decade before his stint on MAFS, and praised the way that he’s aged.

“Timothy is definitely one of those men who’s aged well, he’s far better looking older!” one said, another added: “Wow. He’s aging like a fine wine.”

However, some fans were suspicious of Tim’s previous TV gig, and questioned whether he was actually on MAFS for the right reasons.

“They all have agents/reps/management, you need it for any tv appearance. Even the Chase,” one person commented.

“How do I get a manager ? I’d like to be on all the reality TV shows please!” Another said.

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