Julia and Dr Chris Brown I'm a Celeb

INTERVIEW: Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown reveal why I’m a Celeb don’t cast “bigger” celebs

They make an excellent point!

You may have noticed the I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here Australia social team post a hilarious I’m a Celeb Bingo on their socials.

The game includes comments like “who?”, “I had to Google this person”, “are these really celebs”, and “MoRe LiKE Z gRaDe CelEBriTIes”…

During an interview with Chattr, co-hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown revealed why “bigger” or A-List celebs are not actually used…and they have a very valid point.

When asked about the comments, Morris said that social media users are showing their age when they troll the team.

“All they’re doing is showing which age group they are,” Morris said with a laugh.

“Young people don’t know the oldest celebrities and the oldest people don’t know the youngest. Unless they’re on television every night, not everyone is going to know everyone.

She then revealed why “bigger” celebs like George Clooney or Margot Robbie are not included in the cast.

“The bigger the celebrity, the less they give,” she said. “They’ve got too much to lose.”

Story checks out! Personally, we think they’ve already announced some pretty big names this year, though!

While the comments come in thick and fast, fans still come back to the show every single year.

“I think because there aren’t actually a lot of television shows where you can come together with family and many different age groups and have a really good laugh,” Morris said while Brown added: “We like to surprise and we like to almost poke fun at ourselves, which is where we get a lot of our humour from.”

Well, there you have it!

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here Australia premieres at 7.30 pm on April 2 and continues Monday-Thursday each week.

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