Interview: “It was a free for all!” The Bachelors reveals this year’s twist and it sounds like chaos

Plus, they answer whether they had REALLY seen the show before...

The Bachelors 2023 is gearing up to be an absolutely chaotic season with Wesley Senna Cortes a.k.a Wes, Luke Bateman and Ben Waddell suiting up to find love — and there’s a huge twist.

You may have already seen in the trailer that there’s a little squabble where either Luke and Ben were seen stealing a woman from the other, so, we decided to ask the guys all about it!

Speaking to Chattr ahead of the series premiere, Ben admitted that it was a “free-for-all”.

“There was one big group and 24 ladies,” he said. “They had a chance to choose as well so there was no designated person that we could be with. It was a free-for-all.”

“I think, honestly, we were trying to impress the girls, not the girls trying to impress us at the end of the day,” Luke added.

the bachelors 2023 luke ben wes
The Bachelors 2023: Wes, Ben and Luke. Ten

Had the new Bachelors seen the show before applying?

After joking he’d “never date 24 women again”, Wes admitted that he hadn’t seen a single episode of The Bachelor before applying. While we find this a little hard to believe — and even told him so — he did say that it “didn’t exist back home” in Brazil.

When pushed even further, he finally admitted he’d watched three episodes of the last season to “get a sense” of what to expect.

For Ben, obviously, there had been an opportunity to watch previously, but he never had, including in preparation for their turn on the series.

“I didn’t want it to have an effect on how I would approach the show myself or find myself looking for love if something worked for someone else,” he said. “I didn’t want to not be myself, which I think watching other seasons would have had an effect on the way I approached it, so I kept it raw.”

Luke, meanwhile, fessed up to “knowing what the premise was”, which is truly code for: “I watched it and I loved it.”


10 weren’t lying when they said it was “the most romantic season” yet

If you’ve seen ANY promo for the new season of The Bachelors you’ve probably realise that this will be the ~most RoManTic SeAsOn yeT~”.

According to Wes, this is 100% a true story.

“The romance was dialled all the way up,” he said, while Ben added: “Shooting in Melbourne. It’s beautiful. We left it all out there for you guys.”

As for the drama, Luke “was avoiding drama like the plague”, revealing that the other two, were not.

“There was plenty of drama,” Ben said. “Because we don’t live in the mansion with the girls, it definitely all kicked off in there and some of it flows onto us.”

He added: “If you see us looking exhausted after episode six, it’s because it’s non-stop.”

The Bachelors Australia 2023 airs Sunday – Tuesday on 10 and 10Play.

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