Jones Family Christmas

We know what the next Stan Christmas movie is about, here’s everything you need to know

It's that time already?

While it may feel a little early, Christmas is only a matter of months away and what better way to celebrate that than the announcement of a new Australian Chrissy film?

Following in the footsteps of A Sunburnt Christmas, Christmas on the Farm and Christmas Ransom, Stan will be releasing an original film called Jones Family Christmas this year.

A Sunburnt Christmas
A Sunburnt Christmas. Stan.

Here in Australia, it can be slim pickings when it comes to finding a Xmas movie that doesn’t involve a white Christmas, which is why it’s so great that Jones Family Christmas is set in the Aussie summer.

Jones Family Christmas is based on Tegan Higginbotham’s audio play and is a 2Jons production that will premiere this festive season.

What’s it about?

Eccentric Quirky grandma Heather Jones finally succeeds in corralling her family together for Christmas. But their rural home is anything but jolly. Amid heartbreak, depression, meddlesome mothers, and obligatory festivities, each member of Heather’s extended family battles their own inner demons.

Unfortunately, their external situation isn’t much better. Before Heather even gets a chance to question her kids about their love-life mishaps, a fire evacuation order disrupts the family. With fires spreading and danger looming, Heather and her family must unite as they rediscover the true meaning of family.

Who’s in it?

Jones Family Christmas has Heather Mitchell (Love Me) and Ella Scott Lynch (Love Child) in starring roles.

Heather Mitchell. Love Me.

The cast also includes Max McKenna (While The Men Are Away)Neil Melville (Brilliant Lies), Nicholas Denton (Dangerous Liaisons)Dushan Philips (The Stan Original Series The Gloaming)Tahlee Fereday (Fisk), Jimmy Rees (Giggle and Hoot)Genevieve Morris (The Stan Original Series No Activity), Marg Downey (The Newsreader), Tegan Higginbotham (Oddball)Michael Logo (Colin From Accounts)Akhilesh Jain (Deendayal Ek Yug Purush), Bev Killick (Savage River) and Australian comedian Tanya Hennessey (Wellmania).  

Is there a trailer?

Not yet, the film is still in production, but stay tuned for a trailer which should be released soon.

Jones Family Christmas will stream exclusively on Stan.

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