Gabriel Gate will be on MasterChef Australia

Gabriel Gaté has sold 1.1 million recipe books and now he’s the chef to beat on MasterChef

Gabriel Gaté certainly isn't short of cooking knowledge.

MasterChef Australia 2023 has delivered on some insanely talented — and famous — chefs for this season’s Immunity Challenge.

The kitchen has already welcomed Chris Hemsworth’s personal nutritionist Sergio Perera, followed by gelato extraordinaire Donato Toce.

Now, MasterChef continues the trend of enlisting seriously big names, with culinary expert Gabriel Gaté enlisted in a game of Beat the Chef!

Here’s everything we know about Gaté.

Gabriel Gaté. SBS.

About Gabriel Gaté

Gaté is a French-born Australian chef who is the author of a whopping 23 cookbooks. He’s also considered the best of the best of the best when it comes to recipe books and has sold over 1.1 million copies, making him the highest-selling Australian male cookery writer.

Books aside, Gaté has been working for over fifty years as a chef and is also a prominent cooking show host. He has also produced and presented popular series such as The Good Food Show and Taste le Tour.

Gaté was born in the Loire Valley of France in 1955 and as an adult met his Melbourne-born wife in Paris. The couple moved to Adelaide in 1977, and he worked his way up from a chef to a household name within the cooking community.

What cookbooks has Gabriel Gaté written?

Some of Gaté’s award-winning titles include:

  • A Cook’s Tour of France: Regional French Recipes
  • 100 Best Cakes and Desserts
  • So French So Sweet: Delectable Cakes, Tarts, Cremes and Desserts
  • Delicieux: The Recipes of France
  • The Chocolate Lovers: A Children’s Story and Cookbook
  • Taste Le Tour: Regional French Cuisine
  • Gabriel Gate’s Good Food for Men
  • Gabriel Gate’s Smart Food
  • How to Teach Kids to Cook
  • Guide to Everyday Cooking
  • The Good Food Show Cookbook
  • Gabriel Gate’s One Dish Dinners
  • Weekend on a Plate
  • Gabriel Gate’s Fast Pasta
  • Indulgences
  • Gabriel Gate’s Favourite Fast Recipes
  • Sweet Treats
  • Gabriel Gate’s Great Cakes and Desserts
  • Recipes for a Great Life
  • Sweet Treats: More Than Fifty
  • Taste le Tour: Regional French Cuisine

MasterChef Australia continues on June 1 at 7.30pm on 10 and 10Play.

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