Recap — Episode 10: Farmer Wants a Wife’s Shelby throws Clare under the bus. Big time

Emotions were high as the Farmer's families chose who to send on a 24-hour date.

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia episode 10 begins where last night ended with the aftermath of Farmer Andrew leaving the show to pursue things with Claire.

The Farmers reflect on their families who will be joining them during the episode and there’s now only a couple of days left on the farms.

On Farmer Brad’s property, the Ladies have decided to name all the chooks after the girls he’s dated on the show (lol) and Morgan laments that Brad has formed a connection with both Clare and Shelby. The people, not the chickens…

“There’s nothing I can do to change my appearance, there’s nothing I can do to change my personality,” she says. “Brad knows where I’m at, so I just have to focus on that.”

Over on Farmer Matt’s farm, Annabelle reveals she feels “great” about Matt; however, is feeling the pressure and is struggling to share her time with Olivia.

“I feel like Chelsea and I can be overpowered,” she says. “Yeh, it’s a bit hard.”

Meanwhile, Olivia says everything is getting more “intense” and is “concerned” that she doesn’t know where her Farmer stands with the other ladies.

“I feel strongly for Matt,” she said.

Olivia. 7.

Farmer Matt admits that he has feelings for all the Ladies and is concerned he doesn’t know which way to lean.

Meanwhile, Farmer Brenton says that he has “tunnel vision” for the three Ladies he has left.

“The most important thing is that someone will want to come back and live on the farm with me,” he says.

He admits that Jemma coming to the farm has “shaken things up a bit”; although Jemma can clearly see the connection between him and Sophie before Farmer Brenton admits he has no idea who he is going to choose.

Farmer Brenton. 7.

#PavlovaGate rears its ugly head on Farmer Matt’s farm

Host Samantha Armytage has organised lunch for the families of the Farmers and whoever impresses them the most, will win a final 24-hour solo date.

In Bookham, the Ladies are preparing to meet Farmer Matt’s family. Olivia has taken the reigns in preparing the feast, which was not a welcome plan for Annabelle and Chelsea.

After talk of Pavlova and fresh berries in the garden (le sigh), Olivia tells the cameras that it’s important for her to get along with his family and friends and wants to make a good impression by cooking “something nice.”

Annabelle is happy that she is able to do the Pav because it will show she is giving it “a good crack”. She then reveals that she’s never had a good relationship with the mum’s of her past exes, saying that she would go home and cry to her own mum, wondering why they didn’t like her.

“When you get married, you marry the family too,” she says but is still concerned about Olivia.

Annabelle. 7.

All of the households are preparing to meet the Farmer’s family and friends.

On Farmer Brad’s farm, the Ladies are cleaning, while on Farmer David’s farm, Lorelei admits she is “so not ready” to meet his mum.

Farmer Matt’s dad, David and university friend, Alana, arrive to meet his “potential life partner”, with his mum to arrive later because she’s working.

“Somone’s gotta bring in the cash,” David jokes. The ultimate dad joke.

According to Farmer Matt, his friend Alana has always given him “solid advice” that he “trusts”.

Alana. 7.

Farmer David’s nephew Robbie steals the show

At Farmer’s David’s lunch, he says that his family will be able to give him some input on Lorelei, Emily (his obvious choice) and Alyssa, who once again, we genuinely keep forgetting is still around.

Emily is nervous AF but thinks she and her Farmer are in “a really good spot”. She reflects on her 24-hour date and reveals she’s never met a boyfriend’s parents before.

Then the cavalry arrive in the form of Farmer David’s parents, brother, sister-in-law and newborn nephew, Robert.

Alyssa presents his sister-in-law with gifts for “Robbie” and according to David, he looks “stoked” about it.

Robbie is “stoked”. 7.

Lorelei, meanwhile, is worried about Farmer David’s connection with Emily and wants to “stand out”, even though she struggles with group settings.

Clare asks Farmer Brad’s sister-in-law for employment and Shelby wants to share who Clare really is

Over in Cootamundra, Farmer Brad’s mum Franca and dad, Dave (yes, another one) arrive to meet his Ladies alongside brother Ryan and sister-in-law, Emma.

Shelby says she wants to make a good impression on Brad’s family and says that even though she hasn’t been there as long as the others, she’s still “crushing really hard”. She also says she’s concerned by Clare’s connection and it’s “hard to compete”.

“No free lunches, girls,” Dave says. Another dad joke courtesy of the males in the Farmer’s lives.

Brad’s family and Clare. 7.

Clare then admits she’s a 7.2 out of 10 on the “nerves scale” and we’re questioning where the .2 came from… She says she wants them to like her and is “starting to head towards the L word”.

When Emma announces she’s an auctioneer, Clare asks if they need an other one and after a couple of cold ones “under her belt”, she’d be the perfect person.

Dave then asks the Ladies how they’ve “found the whole situation”.

“Awkward?” he says and the women agree it’s “really weird”.

Shelby continues to be concerned by “the usual charmer” that Clare is, worried that she is not making an impression herself.

“I hope that Brad and the family can see through the charm,” she tells the cameras. “It’s grinding my gears… and I will probably tell them at some point. I know what I want and I get what I want and I want Farmer Brad.”

Shelby. 7.

Farmer Brenton’s dad Daniel tells the Ladies they have “bugger all chance” of going home to their hometowns if chosen

Farmer Brenton’s dad, Daniel, and his two sisters are very “curious” to meet his potential partners.

Over a few sausage sangas, it’s awkies AF, given the fact that Brenton’s family are just as quiet as he used to be.

“It was a little bit awkward,” Brenton’s sister Elly says, praising Jemma for breaking the ice with a question about her boo.

Farmer Brenton’s other sister, Brittney, revealed that Brenton went to work with his dad from the day he was two, with Brenton saying that “young calves have got to teach a bull a few tricks”.

Brittney then says that whoever Brenton picks, they’ll “definitely have to move to the farm”.

Farmer Brenton’s lunch. 7.

Sophie admits that there’s a “bit of pressure to impress the family” and tells them that she grew up on a farm as well.

“Very similar upbringing,” she told them.

She then tells the cameras she was very “lucky” that she had that background and if the “other girls were from the same situation, they’d be bringing it up too.”

Daniel then reiterates to the Ladies that there’s “bugger all chance” that Rachel and Jemma would be able to move back to their hometowns if they were chosen, given that his son is a sixth-generation farmer… and Brenton looked visibly uncomfortable.

Rachel placates Daniel by saying that she wouldn’t be here if she didn’t want to be.

Chelsea reveals she doesn’t want to tell Farmer Matt’s family what they want to hear

Farmer Matt’s dad questions Olivia over her cooking.

“What do you call this, love?” he asks her.

“Rissoles,” she says, giving possibly the most Aussie response ever.

“You should open a restaurant,” he joked before asking the Ladies how they are getting on, “given the difficulties of your situation”.

Olivia says they’re “all respectful”, to which the third dad joke of the episode is revealed.

“Good, because I don’t want to see any holes in the walls.” Lol.

Farmer Matt’s friend Alana then questions whether any of the women have “experience on property” and Annabelle says that she grew up on 17-acres. Meanwhile, Chelsea withdraws.

Chelsea. 7.

“I’m not going to say something to his family and friends just to put myself ahead,” she tells the cameras. “I’m definitely going to be honest with my answers.”

Chelsea tells Alana and David that although she’d be happy to help around the farm, she does want her own career.

“I don’t see my life working here because I have my own goals that I want to achieve as well,” she says and doubt creeps across Farmer Matt’s face.

Farmer Matt. 7.

When his mum Jan arrives, she asks what everyone’s been up to. Olivia is quick to tell her that she cooked that morning.

Shelby throws Clare under the bus

With the family grilling well underway, and before they got too comfortable, the Farmers have received a letter from host Sam.

The note comes with the surprise that the family must choose who will go on the last ever 24-hour solo date with their bae.

“Ladies, my advice to you is to get to know Farmer (insert name here)’s loved ones and let them get to know the real you.”

Emily starts to panic saying that she can’t let the “old feelings resurface” about Farmer David and Lorelei while Annabelle also begins to freak the eff out, calling the date with Matt “important”.

“Let the interrogations begin,” Farmer David says. Let them begin, indeed!

On Farmer Brad’s farm, Morgan happily admits that she was “overwhelmed” by farm lyfe but calls the opportunity “incredible” and says that she just has to be herself.

“You give it a crack,” she says.

Morgan, Clare and Shelby. 7.

Sister-in-law Emma wants Farmer Brad to find someone who is “passionate” about his lifestyle and “wants what he wants”, while brother Ryan is concerned that being on the farm is so different to what they’re all doing at the moment.

Shelby then sits down with Ryan and within five seconds, throws Clare under the bus.

“I don’t know if fake is the right term…but the side I see of Clare is different to when Brad’s not around. I don’t think Brad’s seen the other side of her. I don’t want to sound like a raging b**ch right now but I just feel like there’s a facade.” Green is not a good colour on you, Shelby.

“I don’t think Brad’s seen that and I don’t know how he would feel if he had seen that.”

Ryan is concerned by the news but is also cautious, thinking that Shelby just wants more time with Brad.

Chelsea doesn’t know how she feels about Farmer Matt and Farmer David makes hearts explode by holding his nephew

Farmer Matt’s dad David pulls Chelsea aside for a little one-on-one time. He said that he noticed she was quiet but that she’s “thinking the whole time”.

She says it’s hard for her because she doesn’t want to move away from her family and doesn’t want to “let Matt down”. She begins to cry and David gives her a hug.

Chelsea also doesn’t know how she feels about Farmer Matt, which is concerning…

chelsea fwaw

“I feel comfortable opening up to David,” she said.

Back on Farmer David’s farm, this happened.

Farmer David and Robbie. 7.

“I’m definitely looking forward to having a family on the farm,” Farmer David says as hearts collectively explode all over the country.

While Farmer David is busy being an uncle, Emily is concerned that Lorelei is having a great time with his family and is whisked away by his mum Rosie to have a chat.

“I’ve never had a serious relationship,” she admitted. “What I’m feeling for David is really special…there’s something different this time.”

Rosie seems concerned by Emily’s responses about not being in a committed relo before and probes her further.

“There’s so many feelings,” Emily said. “It feels really right.”

Over on Farmer Matt’s farm, he has turned to Alana for advice. She says that the decision will be hard for him. He tells her he is concerned about Chelsea and that Annabelle has a vivacious personality. He also admitted that he and Olivia had an “instant connection”…which kind of proves where is head is leaning.

Matt and Alana. 7.

Annabelle chats with Jan and David about not wanting to just be a farmers wife; however, gets upset when Jan invites Olivia for some one-on-one time.

Annabelle leaves the table feeling unwell and Farmer Matt talks to her

Farmer Brad thinks that “all the girls” are interacting quite well with his family and is interested to see who they choose.

Franca takes Clare for a talk and reminds her of how small Cootamundra is and hopes that he thinks with his heart and not his head.

Meanwhile, Annabelle has left the table at Farmer Matt’s and he goes to find her. She says she’s feeling “really bad” and that she’s struggling.

“I don’t want you guys to think that I’m some bimbo,” she says.

Jan says she’s sad she didn’t get to finish their conversation but “the farm is not always a glamorous place” and is concerned she won’t cope with the heat of the farm. Farmer Matt is a dream as always.

Annabelle and Farmer Matt. 7.

Annabelle is concerned that her family don’t like her; however, Farmer Matt assures her that they — and he — “love” her vivacious personality.

“That’s what I love about you,” he says.

“The big thing in my family is that they’ll accept whoever I want in my life,” he adds. “And if you want to be that person in my life, you need to show them who you are.”

Farmer Matt tells her that she is “really important” to him and that she shouldn’t feel like she’s “stuffed anything up”.

“I really appreciate you for who you are.” God, this kid. He’s divine.

Over at sauso sanga heaven, all the women want to be chosen, but especially Jemma. Sophie decides to go in hard and asks Elly for a talk.

She tells her that Farmer Brenton and her have a very “strong” connection and that she is falling in love with him.

Jemma then chats to Brittney and says there was a “spark” with Brenton from the second they met and she thinks she “cracked” him when it comes to opening up.

The families make a decision on the final 24-hour dates

Farmer David’s family want Lorelei and Emily to win the date while Farmer Brad’s family are confused over Shelby’s earlier admission about Clare.

After the longest family lunch in history, the families choose who will get the final 24-hour solo date with the Farmers. Here’s what happened:

  • Farmer David — Lorelei (Alyssa spiralled, saying that it was “disheartening” she wasn’t chosen and Emily was concerned about the next two weeks)
  • Farmer Brenton — Sophie (Brittney told them that they’d be happy with any of them as sisters)

Before Farmer Brad’s date is revealed, Shelby says that if she’s not chosen, she doesn’t know how that “leaves her standing”.

Then, after all the drama of #PavlovaGate, Annabelle has missed out on serving her infamous Pav due to feeling ill; however:

  • Farmer Matt — Annabelle! Love this for her!

“It does make me a little bit nervous that something could change between them,” Olivia says, concerned his feelings for her will in turn shift.

Then, Ryan shared the news of who would be sharing time with Brad.

  • Farmer Brad — Clare
Shelby. 7.

Morgan says her “feelings” have grown and Shelby was devo.

“I’m still undecided whether I should tell him what he doesn’t see as I don’t want to come across as that crazy jealous person,” she says. Too late.

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