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The Block Recap Episode 26: Eliza and Liberty’s tough decision and Scotty lays down the law

The Blockhead divide grows even bigger

It’s episode 26 of The Block 2023 and it’s kitchen and laundry week, one of the biggest builds the Blockheads will face in their three-month-long ~jOuRNeY~.

After winning with their STUH-NNING master bedroom and walk-in robe on Sunday, Steph and Gian have chosen Eliza and Liberty to accompany them on a getaway to the Crown Hotel in Melbourne. In addition to this, the prize also includes a hot lap in a luxury car on Phillip Island. 

Brett and Kristy. Nine

Unsurprisingly, Kristy and Brett were positively outraged, offering to pay $5k for the experience, however, Steph and Gian declined.

Once again, Kristy and Leah decided to b**ch about Steph, accusing her of being strategic for taking the girls on the getaway. Obviously, this is not a real thing and these girls seriously really need to get a life. Then, during the Domain Open for Inspections, Leah and Ash questioned the 10 that Marty Fox gave Steph and Gian.

The kitchens get underway

Knowing that this is going to be a big week, the Blockheads work hard as their Kinsman kitchens start to take shape.

Thankfully, Kristy and Brett have a huge week ahead of them, which hopefully means they’ll focus on building. Not only do they have a kitchen to build, but they also have to finish off their dining space and complete a laundry. On top of this, they’ve had to restump the majority of their downstairs home. 

The Challenge – Bayside Community Centre

The Blockheads. Nine

The Blockheads are given an important challenge. This week they are renovating the Bayside Community and Information Support Centre (BayCISS).

Split into two teams of our worst nightmares, Kristy and Brett, Leah and Ash and Eliza and Liberty are tasked with renovating the inside while Steph and Gian and Kyle and Leslie – with the help of Block landscaper Dave Franklin and his team – will do the outside. 

It promises to be a very rewarding challenge.

Steph and Gian’s getaway

Once at the Crown for their getaway, Scotty joins Steph, Gian, Eliza and Liberty for dinner and he asks them about the big fat eff-off divide that is taking place.

Steph tells him that while she puts on a brave face, she can’t help but feel the heat when it comes to the mean girls of The Block.

Meanwhile, Scotty gives some advice to the sisters, telling them they need to stop whinging and complaining about being “cooked tunas” and take control of their build. He also advises them to get read of their builder Mark and his team, telling Eliza and Liberty he has a new bunch of blokes for them to meet.

Scotty, Liberty and Eliza. Nine

Once everyone is back on The Block, it’s “tools down” and Kristy says she couldn’t care less about anyone but herself, Brett, Leah and Ash.

“I’m not here to make friends,” she says and good, because you truly aren’t making any!

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