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Well, well, well! It turns out the Married at First Sight “secret girlfriend” was a 2023 Bachie babe

It is the reality TV crossover that absolutely no one asked for...

Married First Sight Australia came out the gate with guns a-blazin’, bringing the first epic drama for 2023.

In case you missed the inaugural episode (because you tuned into Australian Idol or Survivor instead), single dad Harrison Boon married online beauty editor Bronte Schofield in a wedding for the ages.

During the premiere, Bronte’s bestie Jessica Tomlinson revealed that ol’ mate Harry had been dating “her friend” just days before they wed, leaving the bride positively reeling.

Bronte Harrison Married at First Sight Australia 2023
Single dad Harrison Boon married online beauty editor Bronte Schofield during the first episode of Married at First Sight Australia 2023. Source: Nine.

While Harrison tried to reassure his bride that he his days of “seeing people” before the show were over, Bronte was left shocked and disappointed.

Now, the Daily Mail has revealed exactly who the ~oTheR~ woman was, and it turns out, she was on The Bachelors Australia 2023.

According to the outlet, the woman in question was Abby Miller, 21, a Bachie babe who was in the running to win Jed McIntosh‘s heart.

The Bachelors’ Abby Miller, 21, was the secret girlfriend in question. Source: Ten.

An insider revealed that Harrison and Abby’s relationship was “blown of of proportion”

Speaking to the outlet, a friend of Harrison’s said the whole ordeal had been “blown out of proportion” because apparently, she was just one fo the many he was chatting to on the apps before the show.

“The whole thing was blown out of proportion,” the insider said. “Jess wanted her five minutes of fame and exaggerated the nature of Harrison’s relationship with Abby to get time in front of the camera.

“Harrison and Abby knew each other for no more than a month and a half.”

According to the well-placed mouthpiece, there was “nothing serious” between the pair and he “didn’t promise to wait for her”. Awkies.

Furthermore, Harrison had told Abby that if things didn’t pan out between him and his new bride, they may be able to rekindle things in the future.

The same outlet also released WhatsApp messages which showed the young Bachelorette messaging about Harrison with pics of him packing for MAFS, texts about how he invited her out to meet “his kid” and how he “wants to talk when he gets back”.

Ooft! The drah-ma!!

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