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My Kitchen Rules 2023 Recap Episode 7: Gatecrashers Aaron and Chris’ “dude food”

And they had an element of surprise!

It’s episode seven of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and tonight we’re in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire a.k.a the Shire a.k.a God’s Country and Gatecrashers Aaron and Chris are ready to cook.

The BBQ besties have decided that they’re going to win because they have an “element of surprise” — smoke, BB!!! Or as Marcus likes to call it: “dude food”.

Aaron and Chris. Seven

Here for the “bragging rights”, Aaron and Chris welcomed guests to their Instant Restaurant, Meat Dreams — and once you see the menu, you’ll understand how apt this is.

Also, to give us an insight into how this is going to play out, Chris has TWELVE BBQs at home, which is excessive but also, good for him!

Meanwhile, Colin gives the updated state of play. Everyone will cook again with the lowest team eliminated from the competition.


Crispy pork belly taco


  • Manu said the flavour profile was “amazing”, while Colin loved the “guac component”.
  • While there were a lot of good things in the entree, the pork wasn’t crispy.
  • Colin said it was a “10 for me until I ate it” while Manu said, “it could have been a knock-out dish”!


BBQ Plate (Lamb fillets, pork ribs and chicken wings)

  • Colin said the chicken was the best because it was “moist” and liked the cornbread and disagreed it was the best main presented so far, saying the lamb was way too dry.
  • Manu loved it but said there wasn’t enough sauce.


Lemon lime pie


  • Manu said: “Pastry case, tick! Lemon, lime curd, tick! Meringue, tick!”, however, thought there was too much meringue and it was too sweet.
  • Colin said, “technically” it was great, but thought it needed more lemon curd.

The Scoring

  • Amber and Melissa – 7
  • Christian and Nick – 6
  • Marcus and Sonia – 6
  • Patrizia and Brigita – 7
  • Claudean and Anthony – 4

Total Score: 30/50


  • Entrée – 7
  • Main – 7
  • Dessert – 7


  • Entrée – 7
  • Main – 7
  • Desert – 7

Total Score: 42

Overall Score: 72

The Leaderboard

  • Aaron and Chris – 72
  • Amber and Melissa – yet to cook
  • Christian and Nick – yet to cook
  • Marcus and Sonia – yet to cook
  • Patrizia and Brigita – yet to cook
  • Claudean and Anthony – yet to cook

The drama

Over at the table, the producers have put Christian next to Claudean and they both look as uncomfortable as each other. Also, Claudean hates the new teams, which is both unsurprising and amazing given that her arch nemesis Coco and Pearls have been eliminated.

Meanwhile, Nick has moved on from Rach and is now in love with Gatecrasher Patrizia. Christian then wants to address “the elephant in the room” and asks Brigita if she’s pregnant. The whole table is like WTF, Christian?! Thankfully, she is and Patrizia, Brigita and her unborn child swiftly become the “first team of three”. Lel.

When it came to the judging, Claudean decided to be strategic to remain in the competition, giving them a four.

Claudean. Seven

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