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My Kitchen Rules 2023 Recap Episode 5: Nick and Christian’s disastrous dessert

From a 10 to a 2...

It’s episode five of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and it’s time to head to Melbourne with housemates Nick and Christian.

They’ve been thinking about this day for a long time — mostly because they’re back in the city where you can get a glass of wine and a charcuterie board at any time — and also because they’ve worked in hospitality forever, so this should be good………

Nick (l) and Christian (r). Seven

Christian’s love language is food and reveals he’s a “master baster” 👀 while Nick just loves Rach, so there’s that.

Their Instant Restaurant 3181 is a tribute to the postcode that encapsulates all of Chapel St (“the cool part”) in Melbourne and will show a “little snippet into our lives as hospitality workers”.

And on the menu is Modern Australian cuisine.


Kangaroo Tartare with Saltbush and Potato Crisps


  • Coco turns her nose up at the whole dish; however, Radha and Prahba think “It’s beautiful”.
  • Claudean is surprisingly on board, saying the texture is “different”.
  • Manu called the dish “top-notch” and Colin said it had “classic tartare flavours” and that it was very “refined” and “clever”.


Chargrilled Swordfish with a Jalapeño and Corn Salsa and Nduja Butter

  • Manu warned the boys that their fish needed to be cooked perfectly and it made them nervous.
  • While tasting, Coco acts as if she’s dying a slow death while Rach loves it, even though she didn’t get “that Jalapeño kick”.
  • Colin asks if they tried their dish all together and they say they didn’t. Manu was harsh on them given he has high expectations, saying they didn’t have enough seasoning. He also couldn’t understand why they started on the BBQ and then put it in the oven, saying there was no charred flavour.


Sokolatopita with Orange Crème Fraîche


  • The boys struggle in the kitchen with their cake, having to cook it numerous times before Manu says their dessert “hasn’t finished your three-course meal well”.
  • Colin said the cake wasn’t cooked all the way through.

The Scoring

Guest Teams total score: 28


  • Entrée – 10
  • Main – 7
  • Dessert – 2


  • Entrée – 9
  • Main – 7
  • Desert – 3

Total Score: 38

Overall Score: 66

The Leaderboard

  • Radha and Prabha – 87 
  • Tommy and Rach – 78 
  • Sonia and Marcus – 71
  • Nick and Christian – 66
  • Coco and Pearls – 50 

The drama

Claudean has had enough of Christian’s “wanky” chat and is ready for him to put the food where his mouth is while Coco and Pearls are feeling defeated over their sh**tshow of a cook.

Before even sitting down and still on her hate train, Claudean mocks Christian’s styling, saying he’s read “every single one of those encyclopedias from back-to-front” and then she sets her sights on Coco and Pearls, who argue…again.

Claudean really cannot help herself and it’s painful, yet entertaining, while Nick and Christian are probably just grateful she’s not thinking about them.

Coco and Pearls. Seven

Manu asks Claudean how they feel about going last, she says it’s like a “monster” where you are “chewed up and spat out”.

Coco and Pearls want to hold the “boys accountable” when judging, which is concerning considering Coco hates “fishy fish” but was also secretly plotting revenge so that they were not sent home.

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