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My Kitchen Rules 2023 Recap Episode 2: Sonia and Marcus argue like…well, mother and son

And Claudean still hates Christian...

It’s episode two of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and during the episode, we travelled to Adelaide, South Australia, where mother and son team Sonia and Marcus have combined their traditional and contemporary ideas for their three-course menu.

The food tech teacher and TikTok foodie have invited the guests and judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge to their pop-up Nothing’s Off The Table, a homage to family and their love for each other.

It’s a place where they talk and listen, and anything goes…. including some more Claudean drama.

While Sonia and Marcus start out strong, things go pear-shaped when Marcus stops listening to his mother…


Crumpet with buttered lobster


  • If it was a crumpet competition, they would win – but there was a lack of butter sauce


Squid ink linguine 

  • The pasta is nice, but there is not enough sauce or squid on the plate
  • Claudean calls it a “fail” and barely touches her meal


Margarita bombe Alaska


  • An absolute success

The Scoring

  • Tommy and Rach – 5
  • Radha and Prabha – 6
  • Coco and Pearls – 7
  • Nick and Christian – 5
  • Claudean and Anthony – 5

Total Score: 28


  • Entrée – 7
  • Main – 6
  • Dessert – 10


  • Entrée – 5
  • Main – 5
  • Desert – 10

Total Score: 43


  • Tommy and Rach – 78 
  • Sonia and Marcus – 71

The drama

At the table, the other contestants are eager to get to know the newest ‘it couple’ Tommy and Rach and want to learn more about their dynamic.

When Claudean interrogates them, they’re adamant that they’re just friends. Meanwhile, Nick is thrilled because he has serious heart-eyes for Rach.

Later in the evening during a game of “Sour and Sweet moments of the night,” Nick admitted that the sweetest moment of the evening was finding out Rach was single. CUTE!

Meanwhile, Christian has already had enough of Claudean and confronts her. She basically says his “wankery” talking pisses her off but backtracks and compliments the young generation at the table and their enthusiasm for food. LOL.

Claudine. Seven

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