Tommy and Rach MKR 2023

My Kitchen Rules 2023 Recap Episode 1: Tommy and Rach serve up garlic-flavoured dessert

And Claudean is on track to become "the most hated woman in Australia"

It’s episode one of My Kitchen Rules 2023 and Manu Feildel and “daddy” Colin Fassnidge are travelling around the country to find the best home cooks.

The competition kicked off in Perth, WA with friends Tommy and Rach. They are besties and flatmates who swear that they’re not in love, especially because they don’t do the hippity-dippity.

The first to cook, they were hoping their Instant Restaurant, The Saucy Spoon would dish up amazing food and some perfect scores. 

Tommy and Rach. Seven


Rottnest scallops with white puree and tarragon & miso butter 


  • The scallops were cooked to perfection; however, they were too light-handed with their flavours.
  •  Colin and Manu were looking for more punch from their tarragon and miso butter.


Crispy duck leg with blackberry & port jus and potato gratin 

  • The duck was perfectly succulent and the skin crispy


Chocolate-coated pear ice cream with cookie crumb



  • The judges and the guests were left with a sour taste in their mouths.
  • Colin invited Tommy and Rach to taste some and they discovered it was the garnish they had used, a tiny purple flower. Given that it was actually savoury, it had an overpowering taste of garlic!

The Scoring

  • Sonia and Marcus – 7 
  • Radha and Prabha – 7 
  • Coco and Pearls – 7
  • Nick and Christian – 7
  • Claudean and Anthony – 6 

Total Score: 78


  • Entrée – 8 
  • Main – 10 
  • Dessert – 4


  • Entrée – 7 
  • Main – 9 
  • Desert – 6

Total Score: 34

The drama

While the star of the show was the food, Claudean — who said she would 100% become “the most hated woman in Australia” — became increasingly annoyed by Christian’s wordy and technical critiques.

Just before dessert, she explodes, calling Christian a “wanker”. Needless to say, the table is shocked with many jumping to Christian’s defence. 

Claudean. Seven

On top of this, Claudean wasn’t impressed by Coco and Pearls who began flirting with her husband Anthony, saying they really “got up her snoz”. At one point, Claudean called “the Barbie twins” “strippers”! Ouch!

My Kitchen Rules Australia 2023 continues on Monday and Tuesday night at 7.30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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