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Love Island AU 2023 Recap Episode 6: Bombshell Abby has arrived to essentially f–k off Kirra

And Trent gets the ick!

It’s episode six of Love Island Australia 2023 and after last night’s s–tshow of a Recoupling ceremony, tooooonight Bombshell Abby arrives to piss off Kirra.

Let the drama begin!

In case you’d forgotten, Ollie left the villa leaving a f–king tornado behind him, telling Kirra she was dumb AF for coupling up with Reid.

We begin the episode with Tia, Tyra and Queen of Facial Expressions, Nakia, saying Kirra “is giving delulu”, while also backing Ollie and his truth bomb. AMEN.

Tyra then begins to freak out, asking the girls Why TF they didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Reid spouts even more bulls–t, telling Kirra that they have to be prepared that people will say… how awful he is. This guy, man!

Over where people actually like each other, Master Snakerton a.k.a Zac, Lucinda and Snakerton’s apprentice, T-Dawg (Trent) plus his bae Savanah a.k.a Sav, are excited they can all share a bed…

Tyra and Ben then chat and he reassures her that he wants to get to know her; however, they have an audience of gossip mongers. Pete Gun Kelly (PGK) a.k.a Kale and Nakia watch on and are just like: Ben is cooked.

Poor Tyra. Between “This guy 🙄 ” Reid and “Waiting for a Bombshell” Ben, her choices are…limited.

In happier news, here are our winners. Nate and Tia.

Get you someone who looks at you the way Nate looks at Tia. Nine

Reid makes someone a coffee and it’s not Kirra

The next morning, “This guy 🙄 ” Reid and Kirra wake up (and as Eoghan the VO says, “He’s now shared a bed with both her and her sister”…) and Reid makes an exit for the door before she can even open her eyes.

Even though he’s feeling “refreshed” or whatever, he’s like, “I don’t have my first pick of women but I guess Kirra will have to do…” Man, Reid, you are becoming…the worst.

What’s more, he doesn’t even make her coffee which is a sick power move on Love Island. Instead, he makes one for Tyra, beating Ben to the punch. FORKING HELL.

Kirra. Coffeeless. Nine

“This guy 🙄 ” Reid and Kirra then have a weird convo about “overthinking in your sleep” which is his wild way of ensuring she’s still on the hook…

A Texxxt is received and Sav gives T-Dawg the ick

While the guys are performing their second favourite pastime (other than being a snake in the grass) by working out in the gym, Master Snakerton gets a TEXXXXXT!

“Hi Zac, Fancy a date on the beach? Bring a towel, it might get wet. Love Abby.”

“F–k offffff,” Lucinda screams. “Nooooooo-aaaaaa!”

Next up, “this guy 🙄 ” Reid also gets a text and he’s happy that Abby, “whoever she is”, has “choosen” him. Kirra is like, “Oh well. I hope she’s bald and is a b–ch.” Reid doesn’t care because he’s “fully open arms” to the opportunity.

Speaking of, boil the kettle, b–ches! The tea is about to get piping hot!

The final goodbye. Nine

Wait, first, we must hear that Sav took photos in the nude in a Photobooth at her Year 12 Formal… AND was made to call up the company and apologise for getting her “clacker out”…

T-Dawg is unimpressed and begins to get the ick.

She then invites PGK over for a “three-way snuggle”. He tells her he needs to get “wet”, and Sav is all like, “Me too… but I don’t need to get into a pool for that.”

“She needs to be like…more normal,” he tells PGK later. “She’s ruined it for herself a bit…she’s turning me off.”

“I think we all have different ideas of what’s right and wrong,” T-Dawg says in a confessional.

Abby drops in like a Bomb…shell

Abby finally walks in, describing herself as “funny, outgoing and obviously hot”. Also, according to her “drama always comes to me” which is a great time to remind you all that she was “dating” Harrison Boon while he was getting married to Bronte Schofield a.k.a Kirra’s sister on MAFS.

WAIT. Does this mean if “this guy 🙄 ” hooks up with Abby, that means he would have hooked up with not only Bronte, but coupled up with her sister Kirra AND now would be hooking up with Bronte’s ex’s ex?! My head hurts and this is one effed-up love pentagon!!

“Hi, I’m Abby. I’m here to f–k s–t up!” Nine

First up is Mr Snakerton, who tells Abby that he’s coupled up with Lucinda. He also reveals that his nickname in the villa is “Kiwi Ken”, so obviously we are adopting that given Reid has taken his crown as the King of Snakes.

“What’s a Kin-Dell,” she asks. Lel.

Meanwhile, back in Le Villa, Lucinda is working out to get abs for when Kiwi Ken comes back. Kirra still doesn’t really GAF… but also hopes “they get heat stroke”.

Back on the date, Abby tells Kiwi Ken that she was on The Bachelors in 2022 and was also “involved in some of the drama” with MAFS.

S–t just got reeeeal interesting. Nine

Abby blows the eff up and storms out of her date

Kiwi Ken then tells Abby that Kirra is in Le Villa.

“Are you kidding me? Are you f–king serious? What the f–k?” Abby says to a producer. “I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Meanwhile, Kiwi Ken:

Not my circus. Nine

Abby comes back after hyperventilating in a bathroom and Zac is LIVIN’!!

“This guy 🙄 ” Reid then breezes in and he tells her she’s totally his type. Lol. They get along which means Kirra is now royally effed.

Kirra and Abby come face-to-face

Once he’s back in Le Villa, Kiwi Ken is freaking excited to tell the others what they’re about to witness.

Teasing out the story, Kirra realises exactly who Abby is.

“It’s the girl who ruined my sister’s wedding, so yeah we’re obviously gonna have beef,” she says, before adding: “It was her [Abby] and my sister and the same man, and now it’s me and her with the same man.” EEEEEEEP.

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Nine

Abby then walks in holding “This guy 🙄 ” Reid’s hand and everyone is absolutely frothing the drama.

“I’m a bit worried knowing Kirra’s in here because I don’t know where we stand,” Abby says during a confessional.

“I don’t know Kirra at all but obviously there’s a bit of history and I don’t know how she’s feeling at all but she just doesn’t look happy.”

The pair go off for a chat and surprisingly agree on most things, including that ol’ mate MAFS Harrison is a “d–khead”.

Abby also reveals that she and Bronte are “sweet”, but considering she’s interested in Kirra’s current mate, it looks like they’re going to be anything but!

T-Dawg tells Sav to “tone it down”

Given that Sav is hella intuitive, she feels like something is off with T-Dawg and they steal away for a talk.

“I absolutely love our banter and I think you’re so funny but I just think that some things are a little bit gross,” he tells her. “I don’t think that someone that would potentially see a future with you wants to hear those things.” Ooooft.

Sav is obviously rattled by the convo and breaks down in tears.

She admits it’s difficult to hear Trent telling her to “tone it down”. Is this the end for Sav-Dawg?!

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