Reid and Kirra Love Island Australia 2023

Love Island AU 2023 Recap Episode 2: Reid delivers more than an explosion with a cray-cray confession

Plus a Waiting Room is introduced!

It’s episode two of Love Island Australia 2023 and it seems our Islanders are truly here for the mems.

During episode one, Trent and Tia coupled up, and since Trent has decided to put every single egg he owns in Tia’s basket, he’s decided he wants to take things to the next level.

Given that Zac is undoubtedly our s–t stirrer of the season, and after Savanah tells him that “Nate is hot property for all the girls right now”, he is “besides himself [sic]” and tells Trent that he’s gotta use it or lose it, a.k.a seal the deal with a kiss.

They decide to rehearse — because Zac is a “master of kissing” which is both comical and concerning since neither of them seems to have any game.

Trent and Zac. Love Island AU
Trent and Zac. Nine

Contemplating whether to use tongue (gross) and which “one-liner” to use, Trent feels ready to take the plunge. However, his nerves get the better of him when faced with Tia, and all their hard work is ignored.

Luckily, Tia is feeling ye olde’ Trent, and they share the very first kiss of the season and spoiler alert. He uses tongue.

Trent and Tia. Nine

“It was amazing, it was good to get it done and it cemented where we were at,” Trent says later on.

“I’m wrapped, the first proper kiss and with the hottest girl. It made it more serious and stamped a bit of authority with where we’re at with the other Islanders as well.” At least he has his priorities in check!

Lucinda steals yo man

In case you had forgotten, in great news, Lucinda from Love Island UK arrived as a Bombshell. In not-so-great news, she was here to steal yo man.

With 24 hours to pick which one, she embarked on some light speed-dating with Zac, Ollie and Nate. (For easy reference, Zac was paired with Savanah, Ollie with Kirra and Nate with Nakia.)

After the dates, she has her reservations. Zac is playing “too hard to get”, which is hilarious since yesterday he was fangirling hard and she’s also concerned Nate is too interested in Tia, even though he’s with Nakia…

At the Fire Pit, she’s made to choose and decides to couple up with… Nate.

“I would like to couple up with this boy because we’ve had some great chats, I like his style, the vibe is there and I’d like to see where it goes…” she said.

Even though she had literally nothing in common with Nate, Nakia is a little miffed that her mans was stolen. Host Sophie Monk then sends her to a *checks notes* waiting room where she’ll be “out of the game” and away from her fellow Islanders. Huh?!

Bomb Reid enters the game and delivers a shock confession

After Nakia’s weird exit, Sophie introduces a brand-new Bomb. Reid.

He’s a model AND a personal trainer and apparently, Kirra knows him. Well, actually, they matched on Tinder but nothing happened, which means, she doesn’t know him after all.

But, SURPRISE! The two have another connection. In fact, it once again has everything to do with Kirra’s MAFS sister Bronte Schofield.

In fact, Reid not only “hit up” Bronte IRL but they also slept together. WILD.

“You slept with my sister? Well, that’s news to me,” she says.

Reid and Kirra. Nine

And then another blow is dealt and this time for our man Trent.

Sophie reveals that Reid must couple up with someone right now and he steals… TIA!! Not Tia!!!

Trent is sent packing to the waiting room to join Nakia; however, before he leaves he tells Reid: “Good luck, because I’ll be back!”


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