Donald Trump star sign Gemini

Star Struck: 12 public personalities who perfectly fit their star signs

Astrology is an area of knowledge that gets a lot of crap for being vague and watery. Generally speaking, when you only examine a person’s star sign (sun sign), you will only receive some rough guidelines. To get a truly accurate read of a person, you need to examine their entire birth chart. But sometimes people genuinely are a perfect fit for their star signs without looking further. Here are twelve public personalities who fit their star signs like a glove: 


(Disclaimer: this article will roast the shit out of most star signs. I’m very sorry.) 


Aries: Logan Paul


Aries are the children of the zodiac; they’re young at heart, have unstoppable energy and absolutely cannot distinguish right from wrong. It’s these traits that Logan Paul has to thank for his internet career; he initially grew famous via Vine (RIP), and then ran a successful YouTube channel for a time. Once he’d posted a video featuring a corpse while visiting Aokigahara, known as the ‘suicide forest’ in Japan, Paul earned global media attention for all the wrong reasons, and is now known as one of the most infamous YouTubers in the platform’s history. Don’t play with an Aries, kids. 


Taurus: Queen Elizabeth II


She’s hardy, resilient and as stubborn as a bull – she isn’t the longest reigning British monarch for nothing. Mama England made headlines in 1998 for taking the King of Saudi Arabia for a cheeky spin in her Land Rover at a time when females were not permitted to drive in that country. She even drove military trucks in World War II. Slay, Liz. 


Queen Elizabeth star signs Taurus


Taureans are also known for being a tad materialistic, and I highly doubt she’s short of luxurious, unnecessary possessions in her luxe shack, Buckingham Palace. I’d love to let Marie Kondo loose in there. 


Cancer: Meryl Streep


“I’m curious about other people. That’s the essence of my acting. I’m interested in what it would be like to be you.” – Meryl Streep


Cancerians are the true empaths of the zodiac, a trait which Streep undoubtedly utilises to give stellar performances in every single film she’s in. She’s perfect and I love her. That’s all I’ve got. 


Gemini: Donald Trump


Did I even need to tell you that the stale orange Cheeto we’re all dying to stomp on is a Gemini? Geminis are known for excessive communication – but in an OTT way, not necessarily an effective way. ‘Covfefe’, anyone? Geminis have also been known to rampantly stretch the truth (“My red button is bigger than yours!”) and can be kind of fake. The most well-known Gemini stereotype is that they’re two-faced, and we know only too well that America’s President fits that bill. Pauline ‘You’re from Africa? Why are you white?’ Hanson is also a Gemini. Petition to ban Geminis from global politics indefinitely? Please and thanks.   


Leo: Barack Obama 


Obama star signs Leo


Leos are the natural leaders of the zodiac, just like lions in the wild (source: The Lion King), and Barack Obama earned more respect as a world leader than any president before him. Leo sun natives tend to be warm, charismatic and have a gift for expressing themselves well. They adore being in the spotlight without seeming vain – perhaps that’s why Barack Obama, despite having been out of the White House for years, retains the title of most admired man in America. 


Virgo: Keanu Reeves


If you see a dark, handsome dude walking like he KNOWS where he’s going, he’s a Virgo for sure – and Keanu Reeves is the prototype. Just take his cameo in Always Be My Maybe; a smash Netflix hit that you should deadass treat as a documentary on Virgo men. He’s smooth, sultry and passionate – but he’s also an absolute douche. If you see a walking red flag, that dude is a 100% guaranteed Virgo, and sweet Mr Reeves is no exception. 


Libra: Cardi B  


Carbi B star sign Libra


Did someone say, ‘you’re annoying’? Regardless of whether they did, or they said, ‘you’re amazing’ and you misheard, Libra is such a glass-half-empty soul that they’ll assume the worst – and lash out ferociously before thinking. The’re also known for being irrational. Cardi B has proven to be one such Libra herself. She’s been known to ‘hunt down’ and attack women her partner cheated on her with (get mad at him instead, sis) and slut shames women who interact with her partner via social media. Not cool. 


Scorpio: Leonardo DiCaprio 


Scorpios have a stinging reputation for being sex-obsessed and controlling in relationships. Our boy Leo, according to a news report released earlier this year, never dates women over the age of 25 (he’s in his mid-forties). Power complex? We think so. 


Sagittarius: Ted Bundy


Ted Bundy star sign Sagittarius


Sagittarians are known for being blunt and adventurous, and who captures that wild spirit more than a world-renowned serial killer? Sagittarius natives can also be egotistical – which, under the right circumstances, can develop into narcissism. They’re also impulsive and physical beings; a dangerous combination in particular contexts. Ted Bundy was clever at hiding this narcissism behind a warm (as befits a fire sign) “perfect citizen” façade. 

Capricorn: Severus Snape


Capricorns can be nice people but are generally super dull to be around (unless you like briefcases and conversations about the stock market), and thus there’s no Capricorn of note that the world has actually noticed – okay, no Capricorn I deem worthy of placement on this prestigious list – hence why I’ve gone for someone fictional. Just like Seedy Snape, Capricorns are stubborn, immovable, incapable of dealing with change, monotonal, and have no semblance of a personality.  


Aquarius: Mozart


Aquarians are sensationalists, they have the ability to picture the world with all of its potential and usually have the drive to back that up. With that being said, it mightn’t surprise you that Mozart, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei and Abraham Lincoln are all Aquarius suns.  


Pisces: Rihanna


Rihanna star sign Pisces


Rihanna epitomises Pisces, the ‘old soul’ of the zodiac. She advocates strongly for herself and other women, embracing her true nature. She’s strongly empathetic and has a tendency toward the arts and design – obviously. She just has that giving vibe; you could run to her with all of your problems and she’d sit you down with a cup of herbal tea and solve them for you. 


Whilst these twelve public figures illustrate their zodiac star signs pretty clearly, always remember this is not often the case! There’s a plethora of other planets, asteroids and stimuli that can be analysed via sign placement and relative angles to the point where no two people have the same astrological birth chart. 


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