Why Cardi B is not an appropriate role model

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar (better known as Cardi B) has become a staple within the media since her mainstream success in 2017, with her debut number one single “Bodak Yellow”. Cardi B has cemented herself as an in-demand commercially friendly rapper. […]

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar (better known as Cardi B) has become a staple within the media since her mainstream success in 2017, with her debut number one single “Bodak Yellow”.

Cardi B has cemented herself as an in-demand commercially friendly rapper. She toured with festivals across the globe, scored a Fashion Nova deal, and her first album Invasion of Privacy debuted at number one in the US. This earned Cardi her first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album – which is super controversial due to the 42 credited writers of the album.

Despite this, Cardi B has built her reputation as a self-proclaimed feminist and a role model for young girls. It’s 2019 – you have the right to be whatever you want to be. However, you cannot – I repeat cannot – partake in the activities Cardi B has and still deem yourself a role model. Role model is a title given to you by the public – a role you must fill. Not a role you take on and improvise the meaning.

Judging someone because of their past career choice is not what I stand for. Money needs to be made and if you find employment within the confines of the law, more power to you. The same goes for Cardi B. Her past as a stripper is not up for discussion. It might not be your cup of tea, but work is work and her status as a role model shouldn’t be tarnished because of her career as a stripper.

Cardi B at the Fashion Nova launch wearing a white two piece outfit with plants and neon lights in the background.
Cardi B at the launch of her Fashion Nova collection. Image Source: Billboard

However, with some slight digging (as well as open confessions by the women herself), I have procured three reasons why Cardi B is not the role model she so vigorously claims to be.

Getting back with the man who cheated on her multiple times

Love is a special thing, and true love only comes by once in a lifetime. If the person you thought you loved hurts you, you probably aren’t meant to be. This idea of not letting people screw Cardi B over resonates across all her songs; she builds herself up as an individual who doesn’t give second chances.

However, in 2018 Cardi B broke up with Offset – the man who repeatedly cheated on her – leaving many fans and critics to praise the female MC. Only a few short weeks later, she took him  back. According to many media outlets, the two are even married.

We can’t sit here and act like taking back the man who cheated on you multiple times over the course of a relationship where a child is involved is normal. How can we commend this behaviour and label these actions as one of a role model?

An individual’s relationship and private life is not up for judgement. However, when you advertise your relationship on social media for young (and impressionable) fans to see, who’s to say they won’t make similar mistakes because their idol Cardi B promotes these types of decisions?

Cardi B wearing a sparkly dress and Offset wearing a black jacket in front of a black and white background.
Cardi B and Offset. Image Source: Leon Bennett/WireImage

Backwards feminism 

During the period of her husband Offset’s cheating escapades, Cardi B opted to take matters into her own hands. She has since gained a reputation in the media for personally ‘dealing’ with the women her husband slept with.

It has been reported on many occasions that Cardi B would track down the women and attack them as a sort of revenge. It seems that she keeps placing all the blame on the women and not on the logical person – her husband.

These physical attacks culminated in the MC being charged with over 14 possible felony charges. To add insult to injury, Cardi B openly slut shames women who her partner messages on social media. This is thoroughly highlighted in her song ‘Thru Your Phone’ where she uses terms such as ‘bitch’ and hoe’ to describe other women.

Drugging men for money

2019 saw a resurfaced Instagram video find its way on social media sites. The video highlights Cardi B confessing to seducing men and going back to their apartments, drugging them and robbing them while they laid unconscious. She justified the actions by claiming she was poor and had no other choice. These actions are reprehensible and with the way #CancelCulture is evolving, it was mind blowing to see the fan and media support of Cardi B.

Her actions are not just morally wrong, they are criminal. How can we sit here as a society and commend this criminal and her actions?

If Cardi B and her actions weren’t controversial enough, she has signed up to relive the actions of her past in the 2019 film Hustlers. Hustlers is based on ‘The Hustlers At Scores’ – an article by Jessica Pressler which features excerpts such as “Samantha had come up with the innovation that was making her rich: a special drink spiked with MDMA and ketamine”. This glorification of drugging men and robbing them is absolutely despicable.

Cardi B in the movie 'Hustlers' waving her arm with her tongue out while wearing a pink shirt.
Cardi B in Hustlers. Image Source: Screenshot from YouTube

From attacking women and promoting violence, to drugging men and stealing their money, Cardi B has proven she is not only unfit to be a role model, but she is unfit to roam the streets freely. Cardi B and her position as a role model for young people not only needs to be reassessed. Cardi B needs to be cancelled to the same degree as other celebrities who have had their careers cancelled due to their actions.

The views expressed in this article are my personal opinion and are no reflection of Chattr or its partners. 

Featured Image Source: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty