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Get Intentional with Tinder Dating in 2021 

The year is now 2021 and Australia feels like it is slowly returning to a little bit of normalcy. We can all confidently jump back on Tinder and set up or be asked on a few dates each weekend. However, a new year brings on new goals. Unfortunately, new goals do not always stick as we know and Sunday the 17th of January was actually Ditch New Years Resolutions Day. This does not mean you have to abandon your resolutions and goals. Instead, why not have new years intentions, resolutions are an outdated concept anyway. 

Tinder has even done the hard yards for all of us and mined a few sources (and spoken to a few little birds) to dig out some of the top intentions they expect Aussies to be setting this year. So read your star signs, hold your crystals and get your fortune told, because this is the positive energy you require in 2021.

Challenge yourself to use better opening lines

Look I’ll be the first to admit that I have used some absolute shockers: 

  • Gurllll you’re thicker than a snicker 
  • Have we met before? 
  • What brings you to Tinder

My least creative is “hey”…who starts a conversation with just “hey” on Tinder and hopes to impress a girl or guy they matched with. Totally pathetic and the polar opposite of creative in my opinion. TikTok superstar JezBreezy already has the right idea: “I intend to use more of the puppy emoji. Like seriously, I’m going hard this year.”

Who doesn’t love dogs? Like seriously if someone opens a Tinder conversation with the dog emoji I might prematurely propose! 

Treat others how you want to be treated

Let’s be honest. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, we have all ghosted someone. I myself have had wonderful conversations with Tinder matches and then I will subsequently get distracted by Instagram or YouTube and realise 2 weeks have passed and I never replied to that poor girl. In 2021 let’s stop ghosting people and try and remember that we were even having a conversation with a prospective match we swiped right on. 

However, there is the chance you just aren’t vibing, which is totally okay. You know what isn’t a vibe though? Swiping write on someone and mid-conversation just falling off the face of the planet. It isn’t hard to just decline a date request. At the end of the day, you are talking to a living, breathing human being with emotions and feelings. Weird concept to comprehend for some I know. 

Mitch Coombs knows the importance of manners: “I intend to not let chats fizzle so much. I’m a massive slacker when it comes to replying sometimes. I’m the type that will send 100 messages in 10 minutes, then accidentally ignore them for 8 days and think ‘Oh crap, is it too late to pick up this conversation again?!’… No wonder I’m still single.”

Be fine with spreading the net

What does this mean you might be asking? No, it does not mean lower your standards in your effort to find the one. It simply means that 2021 is a year of freedom, so don’t make this year about looking for the one. Make this year the year of having fun! 

According to a study conducted by Tinder, 43% of Aussies have this same mentality and in 2021 all agree that they are just looking to have fun this year. They have all put bookmarks on their serious relationship goals and are looking to fulfil their young, wild and free intentions instead.


Give that feedback! 

Make 2021 the year of normalising feedback to potential Tinder matches. You aren’t going to fix someone by complaining to your friends. Why not just bite the bullet and let a match know that maybe they are coming off too strong, are a bit awkward, seem uninterested etc. 

Giving feedback is never easy. Trust me I know first hand how badly it can backfire telling someone they are coming off too strong. However, when it’s done right it can help two people become even closer. So start giving feedback in 2021, it’s the decent thing to do! 

Judge less, love more

Make 2021 the year you look past superficial things and actually take a chance with possible matches. Open yourself to exploring new conventions and people. 35% of Aussie swipers agreed that they will open themselves up to more possibilities and judge less this year. 

It is a simple mantra to judge less and love more…however it is easily forgotten. You cannot let your preconceived notions about certain people be the basis of why you did not swipe right in 2021.

Make this year the year of excitement in your dating life. Make the necessary adjustments you need to really engage with prospective dates. Know that finding your true love does not have to be your goal in 2021. Just swipe right (or left) and have a good time finding and experiencing new people this year. You owe it to yourself to get out there. 

Remember,  2021 is not the year of new years resolutions. It is the year of new years intentions, and Tinder has already given you five to focus on. So there are no excuses…happy swiping!