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5 Low Cal Snacks to Shamelessly Shove in Your Body

“Summer is coming!”

That’s the slogan screamed at me every time I walk into my gym, as if it’s some end of days warning. I know it’s supposed to be motivational but it just seems to send everyone into crisis mode: men and women anxiously jog through parks as though their lives depended on it, people eat their lunches in a constant state of alarm – it’s madness.

The truth is, having a summer body is not the be all and end all it’s made out to be – I promise you, whatever shape body you have will survive summer and be able to enjoy all the beach-loving activities that only a summer body is supposed to love.

Eyes rolling right out of our head. Source

However, some people may still feel more comfortable in their own skin after losing weight – and that’s fine too. Without losing our minds over one season, there are lots of steps that can be taken to shed some kilos, and the best place to start is with a healthy diet. So, here are some low cal snacks you can eat carefree and to help kick-start a healthy lifestyle.

1. Apple and Peanut Butter

Now, this snack’s healthiness is definitely dependent on how much peanut butter you’re using; it can easily become very bad for you very quickly. But, if you’re like me and crave your morning peanut butter on toast, hen this is where it’s at. If you stick to about a tablespoon of of low fat peanut butter over a whole apple you’ll get that sweet apple crunch with smooth, salty peanut butter, and all your dessert cravings will be met along with all your low cal needs.

Peanut butter “in moderation”. Source

2. Baby Carrots and Cottage Cheese

Reason one to eat carrots: they taste super good and give you night vision.
Reason two: you can pretend to be bugs bunny.
No other reasons necessary. You’re welcome.

Perfection. Source

3. Plain Air Popped Popcorn

Tastes like you’re at the movies! Sort of…while it may not be quite as good as its buttery counterpart, low cal plain popcorn gets the job done. You can even spice it up with some garlic salt or chicken seasoning for zero extra calories and totally kill your salty snack needs.

And you can still watch drama unfold, while being healthy. Source

4. Babybel Cheese

Revisit your childhood lunchbox staple and play with weird red wax for hours of entertainment! I was a simple child… Babybel is damn delicious and also pretty creamy for its low cal content. Get the low fat ones for an even lower snack.

Look at all the cool shit you can make from cheese wax! Source

5. Ham or Turkey Slices

Ok, so you’ll look a bit like a grub just eating slices straight from your Don packet. But, roll up slices with some cheese, tomato, or avocado and you’ll look fancy AND you’ll be mad healthy. Go you! Of course eating a tonne of deli meat isn’t great all the time, but this snack can be super satisfying at three in the afternoon.

Pay me, Don. Source