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MAFS 2024: Are Andrea and Richard still together?

Did they kiss and make up?

Andrea and Richard’s love story has been oh-so-sweet since they first locked eyes at the MAFS altar. With both the bride and groom’s children delighted at the match-up, things looked hopeful for the pair to remain together.

And it looks like good news for those who were hoping for a love story for the ages with Richard and Andrea!

The two lovebirds were papped out and about in Sydney on Friday, February 9th on a cute coffee date.

Instagram account MAFSGossip shared the pic, and their source had a thing or two to say about the date as well.

“They both looked so good in person – better than on the TV. Some people took selfies with them and I got Richard smiling at me when they were leaving I said hi and I love them on the show,” the insider said.

A different source says Richard and Andrea are donezo

The information conflicts with an anonymous source who told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia that Richard and Andrea ultimately didn’t make it as a couple in the long run.

MAFS. Nine.

“They’re no longer a couple,” they said, adding that the pair haven’t “really kept in touch” post-filming the show.

However, the source is anonymous and there’s not too much information about their supposed split, so take from that what you will!

That being said Andrea doesn’t follow Richard’s non-MAFS account that he uses for his motivational speaking work, but he does follow her… which sounds messy.

So…. things aren’t looking great for the couple.

Allesandra Rampolla teased that they would face some “conflict”

Ahead of MAFS 2024, the show’s sexologist Allesandra Rampolla gave a little teaser which is surely referring to Richard and Andrea.

She said that adding an older couple to the show changed the dynamic.

MAFS. Nine.

“Watching them go through the experience is really interesting,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle Australia.

“Being able to see an older, more mature couple perhaps handle conflict differently in ways that may be helpful to others, and having an older couple learn from younger generations and how they view relationships can be very positive and useful. It’s a fresh perspective into relationship dynamics.”

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