Jake and his nomination choices on Million Dollar Island

Million Dollar Island recap episode 6: 15 thoughts I had watching the battle for the biggest jackpot yet

There's new richest person on the island.

It’s Million Dollar Island Australia 2023 episode six and wheel winner Jake is in charge of who will be chosen for the next elimination challenge.

Unfortunately, MDI villain Brett is, once again, the richest man on the island, which probably means we’ll be seeing a lot from him in this episode. Boo.

Here are 15 thoughts I had during episode three of Million Dollar Island Australia, episode four!

1. Wow, grim times. The folks at Log Camp are so hungry that they’re opting to eat the disgusting food from the last challenge which a contestant called “two half-grown ducks inside an egg.”

2. Jake says he’s been “an extra” on the island who’s been sitting in the shadows, and I can’t disagree because the first time I saw him was when he popped up last episode.

Jake. Million Dollar Island.

3. I think I underestimated Jake because he’s not messing around. He puts himself up for the challenge, along with his “good mate” Corey who’s holding $120,000 on his wrist, Georgie who has three bracelets and Annaleise who also has three. That means whoever wins the challenge could receive $200,000 in bracelets.

4. I just realised Jake’s move means the winner should overtake Brett as the richest person on the island and now I couldn’t be more for this plan.

The Challenge

5. This underwater cage challenge is suspiciously similar to the iconic Survivor one.

Corey in the challenge. Million Dollar Island.

6. Jake’s dream of being the “main character” of MDI is rapidly diminishing as he is last in line to go into the cage and admits he’s claustrophobic.

7. Uh-oh Corey wins the challenge and as Brett said, we might be “attending Jake’s funeral”.

8. On the bright side, Corey overtakes Brett again as the richest person on the island. Teehee.

Brett’s reaction to Corey being the richest person on the island. Million Dollar Island.

Challenge Two

9. Jake’s been sent off the island with a medical issue, so there are only two people competing, which ain’t half bad odds.

10. This challenge is pretty boring, can we bring back Brett and his quest to be a “main character” plz?

11. Finally, Georgie wins and even the contestants look relieved that it’s over.

Bored contestants. Million Dollar Island.

The Elimination

12. One of the contestants is having a whinge about other camps not sharing their food with hers. When will people realise that this is an actual game? And the point of the game is to beat others.

13. The elimination was as uneventful as the challenge, only one person could receive a bracelet to stay, and no one self-eliminated, so Annaleise must leave the island.

14. Fortunately, Ant realises that this ep needs some spicing up, so he vaguely tells the contestants “D-Day is officially here”. And, I have no idea what that actually means.

15. YES. We have some excitement. The wheel landed on Corey, who we already know is the richest person on the island, and should mean that we’ll some d-r-a-m-a next ep.

Brett’s face when the power wheel lands on arch-nemisis Corey. Million Dollar Island.

Million Dollar Island Australia continues on June 27 at 7.30pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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