Choose your adventure with new interactive Netflix feature

Netflix has done it again. You know, being awesome and stuff.

(Seriously, what would we do without Netflix?)

They have launched the first ever interactive television episode, giving kids the chance to choose the what happens throughout the story.

The new feature allows viewers who are watching episodes on a smart TV, iPad, iPhone or console to choose what happens next.

Viewers are stopped various times throughout the episode meaning there are several ways which an episode might play out.

The first ever interactive television episode, Puss In Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale landed on Netflix this week as a standalone in the series.

Puss in Books.
The first ever interactive TV episode. Source.

But there are already plans to include more interactive episodes on Netflix, with an episode planned for television series Buddy Thunderstruck to appear in July, and one for Stretch Armstrong – scheduled for release next year.

It has taken Netflix two years to develop the concept which involved extensive research, working with content creators and viewers to ensure its success.

The ‘choose-your-own adventure’ style of interaction has long been used in video games and is still popular today.

However, adapting the concept to television comes with its own problems.

The nature of the concept means it can take viewers anywhere between 18 and 39 minutes to view the Puss in Books episode. These times will vary as new interactive episodes are released.

Whilst it remains to be seen whether the feature will be a hit with viewers or not, it is fun to imagine just what an interactive episode of a Netflix original series such as House of Cards might look like. And, just imagine if you’d been able to choose whether someone dies in Game of Thrones!

We’re certainly excited to see what this form of interaction brings to the realm of television.