5 reasons why Beck is the worst character in “You”

If you’ve seen Netflix’s latest hit You, you’ll know the show is full of narcissists, obsessive stalkers and murders – who all have their eyes on Beck. In comparison to darker characters, Beck might not be the wickedest character in You, but she is the absolute worst human being in other ways: she is flaky, needy and way too emotional. She may be the normal, ‘innocent’ character amongst the other psychopathic freaks, but she’s the one character I cannot stand. She might have Joe and Peach head over heels for her, but I just can’t see the appeal. Here are five all-too sassy reasons why Beck is the most unlikeable character in You:

This article will contain spoilers for season one of You. 

She ain’t all that

I agree with many Redditors when it comes to their cold opinions on Beck being a shitty character. One Redditor commented, “she was lazy, sloppy, drunk, shallow, secretive. Joe just decided she was something else and then the audience is holding her up to his standard. She showed him who she really was time and time again. He just didn’t believe it.”

I couldn’t agree more. Joe consistently put her on a pedestal and justified the reasons behind why she was too lazy to write, hang out with her worthless friends, or be with someone like Benji. Beck was an under-average girl with nice looks and a talent she barely used.

She’s a liar and a cheat

She cheated on Joe with her therapist when she explicitly, and very believably, said she didn’t. We all thought Joe was on one of his usual episodes of obsession and paranoia; but this time his suspicions were correct. Not only did Beck lie to Joe, but the way she decided to cover her tracks was simply despicable. She made Joe feel insecure and disappointed in himself for not trusting her. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’m constantly siding with the sexy serial killer. She tricked Joe, but worst of all, she tricked us. Shame on you, Beck.

She has the worst taste in guys

Like, the worst. Joe, a.k.a her jealous bookstore-manager boyfriend who murders people, is a fine example. This girl has appalling judgement. Peach, on the other-hand (someone who is also easily despised), had her suspicions on high alert the moment she met Joe, due to his off character and mysterious personality. Before Joe, however, was Benji. Benji was a scumbag who never respected Beck and was disloyal to her. A harsh yet perhaps mildly true comment was made on Reddit regarding the single piece of honestly that left Benji’s mouth. The Redditor wrote: “Perhaps Benji was right. Was Beck a loser? He tried to warn Joe. I mean, she never really could write, procrastinated all the time, fell for people who didn’t love her back… couldn’t afford her apartment, cheated on joe.. was she a loser?”

She cries… a lot

Sorry, not a solid reason to not like someone, but she cried an awful lot in each episode and it was annoying.

She’s always late

It would be hard to date or be friends with someone like Beck. In fact, she would also be hard to work with. She was constantly flaky and always missed deadlines. Her ceaseless procrastination was tough to watch; you wanted to shake her a little and plead her to not go to her dumb friend’s place to drink olive martinis and have mindless conversations.

If we’re being serious though, the show needs a Beck, just like it needed a Joe, a Peach and that slimy professor. As annoying as she is and how much most of us agree she can be unlikeable, she was probably also the most important character in the show. Let’s  look forward to Season 2 later this year!


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