5 Advent Calendars Better Than Chocolate

How time flies. In just a few days it will be December again which means it’s nearly time to start preparing our bodies for the fantastic orgy of food and consumerism that is Christmas. For me, the humble advent calendar […]

How time flies. In just a few days it will be December again which means it’s nearly time to start preparing our bodies for the fantastic orgy of food and consumerism that is Christmas.

For me, the humble advent calendar is the warm-up to Christmas, the Yuletide equivalent to pre-drinking if you will. But as much as I love popping open a cardboard square and downing a just-edible square of chocolate each morning, sometimes you just want something different. Here’s 5 advent calendars guaranteed to rustle up some Christmas cheer.

Boozebud – Beer and Cider Advent Calendars

advent calendar
Certain to make you jolly. Source

Nothing quite says “Merry Christmas” like necking a beer first thing in the morning. Let’s not kid ourselves here – half of us will be drinking copiously on Christmas day to deal with our relatives/in-laws/blistering summer heat, so why not start the process a little earlier? Say like on December 1?

Boozebud selects a unique mix of 25 Australian beers (or ciders) and individually wraps and numbers them. For just $100 (plus shipping), you can enjoy a different craft beer or cider each day in the lead up to Christmas. Plus you get 15 per cent discount on your first order. Cheers to that!

Ciate Mini Mani Month – Manicure Advent Calendar

advent calendar
Remember – this is a strictly non-edible advent calendar. Source

One can never have too many shades of nail polish. I alone have at least ten different shades of red (they’re not actually “red” though but vermilion sunset, crimson kiss, spaghetti explosion … you get the idea). Add another 20 or so nail polishes to your collection this Christmas with  Ciate London’s Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar.

For every day in December you can open up a cute little window to discover either 1 of 18 mini nail polishes, 1 of 2 mini nail treatments, 1 of 2 nail toppers, a rose gold nail file, a new 7-in-1 elixir OR a full size nail polish in an exclusive colour. Get yours for less than $90 dollareedoos from Mecca.

The Bearded Man Company – Beard Oil Advent Calendar

advent calendar
Perfect for the beard enthusiast in your life. Source

Beards amirite? Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Always in your face being so…beardy. If you’re a bit more into beard maintenance than I am (the oestrogen makes growing one a bit difficult tbh), then you’ll love the Bearded Man Company’s beard oil advent calendar.

Featuring 24 different scented beard oils such as Black Coffee, Cedarwood, Irish Moss, Spanish Orange and Race Day (which hopefully doesn’t smell like actual race days i.e. horse and cheap champagne), you can keep your beard bodacious throughout the holiday season. The calendar also features three new exclusive scents and can be yours for around $65.

 Biscuiteers – Biscuit Advent Calendar

biscuiteers advent calendar
Almost as good as a Tim Tam. Almost. Source

Not so keen on chocolate but still craving a sweet advent calendar? Not to fear. UK based company Biscuiteers provide the goods with their Christmas circus themed advent calendar. These biscuits are lovingly handmade with the finest ingredients, and last 3 months unopened.

You can buy either just the 24 limited edition biscuits in the hand illustrated tin, or splash out a little extra to get the handcrafted reusable cloth calendar as well. It’s going to cost you roughly $200 AUD to get the biscuits, calendar and shipping (damn you geographically isolated Australia), but if you’re after a delicious and high quality calendar than Biscuiteers is for you.

Kikki. K – Stationery Advent Calendar

stationery advent calendar
Advent calendar of cuteness. Source

Stationery is one of those things that you probably only need a few pieces of – a pencil, a ruler, maybe a pen or 2 – but always end up with draws full of it because it is bloody amazing and I have no idea why. Allow me to enable your cute stationery addiction with the 2016 kikki K. advent calendar.

Apart from looking gobsmackingly adorable (look at all the wee houses!), each day throughout December you can open a tiny paper house to uncover a new, super cute lil’ eraser. Which you can metaphorically use to erase all the mistakes you’ll probably make over the silly season. A very affordable $29.95 plus shipping (or buy in-store).