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Get Set For Summer With Hawkers

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Let me start by saying – I am the fussiest person when it comes to sunglasses. For most of my childhood I outright refused to wear them, certain that they made me look like a flesh-toned praying mantis. The struggles finding good sunnies these days is further compounded by a student budget. Sure, I might find a pair of classy glasses to wear, but I usually can’t find the $100 + needed to buy them.

But I think that I’ve found the answer.


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Hawkers’ sunglasses are a new addition to Australia, traveling down-under after massive commercial success in Europe. Only two years old, Hawkers offer high quality, stylish sunnies at a price that won’t break the bank. And as a Spanish brand, you can be sure they know a thing or two about the sun!

Putting on my new Hawkers sunglasses, the first thing I noticed was how vibrant everything looked. It was like I had stepped into an Instagram filter. Unlike the cheap-and-cheerful fashion sunnies I usually buy, every single pair of Hawkers sunnies comes with polarised lenses, meaning your eyes are 100 per cent protected against harmful UV rays. Better yet, the classic wayfarer frames actually meant I felt pretty swish wearing them (plus they come in several other equally chic styles).

So many styles to choose from.  Source

Cursed with a large noggin and a narrow nose (basically glasses hell) I was a bit hesitant when I first put my new Hawkers on. The fit looked pretty narrow, and I wasn’t looking forward to getting a headache (my big-headed brethren know what I mean).

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Me IRL. Source

But the Hawkers super light polycarbonate frames ensured the glasses expanded pretty well round my bulbous head, and the total lack of metal parts meant the join between the arms and lenses did not pinch and pull out my hair. Seriously fellas – this huge problem for us long-haired ladies, and it’s great to find some pinch-free sunnies.

Starting from $35 I really couldn’t really complain about the price either. They’re not the $10 sunnies I usually buy, but I’d gladly pay the extra cost to know my eyes are protected.

If you’re a student, you can even bring the cost down further – Hawkers offers students a 30% discount on all their products. Financially, you’re probably better off buying a pair of Hawkers which is going to last you several years, than buy an ultra-cheap pair sunnies that’ll you’ll have to replace every couple of months.

So if you’re looking for a pair of stylish, sun-protective sunnies that won’t leave you eating two-minute noodles for month, try Hawkers. Your eyes will thank you for it.