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Million Dollar Island episode 12: 14 thoughts I had watching the top 10 compete for the final

It's stay at home mum vs expedition leader

It’s Million Dollar Island Australia 2023 episode 12 and only 10 players remain out of the initial hundred.

What will Chelsea, the wheel-winner, choose? Will she play it safe for a spot in the grand finale or risk it all for the money?

Emotions run high as the richest person on the Island becomes our first finalist, and one player considers making the ultimate sacrifice to save a friend.

Here are 14 thoughts I had during episode eleven of Million Dollar Island Australia 2023, episode 12!

1. It feels like it’s nearly the grand final, but there are still ten people left, how does that work?

2. Honestly, this entire season I think Chelsea’s the only person to have significantly used strategy.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

3. So, Chelsea can either take a risk by nominating herself and risking her place in the game with the opportunity to get more money, or play it safe and keep herself out of noms. Call me crazy, but I feel like she’s going to make a bold move.

4. Looks like I learnt nothing watching every episode this season. Chelsea has kept herself safe and the pot small by nominating people with the lowest-value bracelets. Yawn.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

The Challenge

5. Brett never seems to take a day off with the insults. His latest jab? “I’m hoping Shaun wins this challenge, I don’t want to be left alone in the camp with Chelsea, it’s like dealing with 12 wives and they’re all angry.”

6. Um, what? Why did Shaun… lick his bracelet before putting it in the pot? He’s lucky we’re not still in 2020.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

7. The balance beam challenge is very clearly going in Go Kart Champion Alice’s favour.

8. Alice wins and Shaun’s sent home. Meanwhile, Karla (and the other nominations) are sent through to the Survival Challenge – something she’s not too happy about.

Survival Challenge

9. I’m confused why Brett, Matty and Chelsea are all trying to team up together because they’re the richest players. Shouldn’t they pick the weakest players to make their direct competitors?

10. Gahhh no. Brett just ate a maggot. RIP me.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.

11. It’s so obvious that ‘expedition leaderKarla thinks she’s going to smoke the two ‘soccer mums’ (as Brett called them) and win the Survival Challenge.

12. Rachel, whose actual title on the show is Stay At Home Mum, wipes the smug smile off Karla’s face by winning the challenge and all but ruining Karla’s chances of staying on the island.

Million Dollar Island. Seven.


13. Brett seems to think we’ll be switching out ‘Soccer Mum’ Rachel for ‘Soccer Mum’ Georgie but I think Kylie will hand her bracelet to Karla.

14. Welp, I’m wrong again. Karla and Georgie are out of here. Here’s hoping my predictions are more on the money in the finale (???) next week.

Million Dollar Island Australia continues on July 25 at 7.30pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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