‘Game of Thrones’, Season 6, Episode 4 Recap: ‘Book of the Stranger’

Or the hour long episode of ice and fire.

Warning: Spoilers!

We pick up where we left off as Jon Snow tells Edd he will travel south and “get warm”. Edd reminds him of Hardhome and the threat of the White Walkers at their doorstep, and that Jon should stay. But their conversation is cut short by the arrival of Sansa, Brienne and Pod. This is the moment has been anticipated for so long and I swear I was not crying as Jon and Sansa tearfully embraced. Two Starks have finally united and the timing seems right as Jon has almost just about given up his will to fight whereas Sansa is full of steel and determination.

The scene cuts to them sitting together, eating and drinking. They reminisce on their days in Winterfell. “We never should have left Winterfell,” Jon says. Sansa regrets being “such an ass” to Jon as kids, but Jon forgives her. “I wish I could change everything,” Sansa laments.  The mood is slightly lifted when Sansa coughs after drinking Jon’s ale and they have a good laugh. “You’d think after thousands of years, the Night’s Watch would know how to make a good ale”.

Sansa wants to take back Winterfell from Ramsay and proposes to do so the help of the Wildlings. “It belongs to our family, we have to fight for it”, she reminds him, and that they’ll never be safe unless they do so. She will do it alone if she must. We believe her.

Meanwhile, Davos asks Melisandre if she will stay at Castle Black. She is sticking to Jon Snow he is the prince who was promised and she serves him. Davos makes note that Stannis was once that prince and asks about Stannis’ forces and Shireen (he doesn’t know!), they are interrupted by Brienne, who fills him in and says she executed Stannis. She also makes it clear she will never forget or forgive whoever killed Renly, giving the Red Woman a pointed look. Uh oh.

Welcome back, Littlefinger. source

The Lord of the Vale, Robin Arryn, is practicing archery with Lord Royce when Littlefinger returns to the screen. I was wondering what had happened to that little devil. As cunning and full of schemes as ever, he makes a power play to ensure Lord Royce and the other houses swear their loyalty to Robin and in essence, to him. Despite having grown, Robin is still content to let Littlefinger pull the strings and this means, mobilise the Vale’s forces to aid Sansa take down the Boltons.

In Meereen, Tyrion is working to make a diplomatic deal with the leaders of the cities of Slaver’s Bay against the protests of Grey Worm and Missandei. As Tyrion tries to convince them it will work, Missandei asks, “How many days were you a slave?” Despite being a slave for a while, Missandei, a slave her whole life states, “Not long enough to understand.” #burn

Tensions are high

during the meeting, but Tyrion’s silver tongue convinces the masters that they do not require slaves to make a profit.“Slavery is the way of our world,” one of the masters comments, but Grey Worm and Missandei aren’t having any of it. Tyrion gives the masters seven years to end the practice of slavery in return for them ceasing their support of the Sons of the Harpy. He leaves the meeting after offering them women and a parting comment, “Give freedom a chance.”

Tyrion is then confronted by some angry free men for having met with the slavers, their enemies, and giving them terms of peace. They don’t know him, don’t trust him and want their queen back. Grey Worm and Missandei back Tyrion’s play but later express their anger with what Tyrion has proposed, telling him they are not to be trusted as they see slaves as just that, slaves and barely human.

The bromance is real. source

Next up are Ser Jorah and Daario having a bromance while searching for Dany in the Dothraki Sea. They find Vaes Dothrak and Jorah tells Daario that Dany will be in the temple of the Dosh Khaleen. They disarm before entering the sacred city, so they will be mistaken for merchants if found. Daario makes a show of kissing his favourite blade. While they are disarming, Daario sees Jorah’s greyscale.

They enter the city at night and the jig is up within minutes, getting caught by guards. They are forced to fight the guards and as Jorah is about to be choked to death, Dahario kills the man with his favourite blade. To cover up the stab wound, Daario bashes the man’s head with a rock in true Game of Thrones fashion.

Dany is tired of the widows harping on her. She excuses herself to go for a walk and is joined by one of the younger widows. They are found by Jorah and Dahario. Whether they can leave the city alive is up in the air. Dany has another plan in mind.

In King’s Landing, Margaery is brought before the High Sparrow, show recalls his past as a cobbler, how he fell into a life of excess and sin and how he found the path of righteousness. His story seems to work on the queen, at least in a small way. She is then granted permission to see her brother, Loras, who is looking worse for wear than she is. “I just want it to stop” he sobs. Margaery begs Loras to stay strong for them, for their family. “If either of us give in, they will win,” she says to which Loras pleads, “We can’t win. Just make it stop, please.”

The Queen of Thorns isnt pleased. source

Elsewhere, Cersei finds to her disdain Grand Maester Pycelle giving Tommen advice. After being told to leave, Tommen speaks about the High Sparrow, telling Cersei they cannot antagonise him in the eyes of

the city as he still has Queen Margaery. Cersei guilt trips Tommen, reminding him of what they did to her, then telling him how the High Sparrow wants to tear everything down and replace it with fantasies.

Cersei reminds them the High Sparrow has the kingdom in his “dirty peasant hands”, and tells the Queen of the Thorns that Margaery will endure the same fate as she did, the walk of atonement. While they see the risk of a civil war if they attempt to attack the Sparrows, who still have possession of Margaery and Loras, the Queen of Thorns decides they must take down the Sparrows and arrest the High Sparrow. Good luck with that.

Another sibling reunion! source

At Pyke, we have yet another sibling reunion as Theon meets up with Yara, who is still angry at Theon for betraying her when she came to rescue him. Can you blame him though? He was broken and weak. She is also suspicious of his return just before the Kingsmoot, claiming he has come back to seize the Salt Throne. A sobbing Theon denies such claims. She demands to know what he wants to which he replies, “You should rule the Iron Islands. Let me help you.”

At Winterfell, Osha the Wildling is brought before Ramsay,She plays the same cards as she did to Theon when she helped Bran and Rickon escape Winterfell, attempting to seduce Ramsay while reaching for the knife on the table. But Ramsay had already figured out her play and stabs her in the neck before she could. Rest in peace, Osha. You didn’t deserve it.

We’re back at Castle Black at an awkward dinner with Sansa, Brienne, Edd, Jon and a few of more of his loyalists. Tormund makes sexy eyes at Brienne and I think the show has just given me another OTP.

A letter arrives for Jon, a letter from Ramsay, detailing his threats if he does not meet his demands. Has the bastardbowl finally come? The letter gets Jon’s blood pumping but Tormund only has 2000 fighting Wildlings whereas Ramsay has 5000. Just as doubt is about to settle in, Sansa tells Jon to ask the Northern Houses to help them. The North remembers, and there are still houses loyal to the Starks. Jon nods. Let there be war.

At Vaes Dothrak, Dany is brought before the Khals who will decide her fate. She verbally spars with Khal Moro, claiming them to be small men and unfit to rule the Dothraki, whereas she is. When Khal Moro threatens her, she smiles smugly. “You will not serve me,” she says. “You are going to die.” Dany sets the temple ablaze and emerges from the flames unscathed and naked as she did in season 1. Thousands of the Dothraki bow to Dany, including Jorah and Daario. Can I hear an amen?

You’re not longer a queen, Dany. You’re a goddess.


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