‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 2 Recap: ‘Home’ AKA What the Hell is Happening?

Warning: Includes spoilers! This week, our psychic Stark boy is back, Ramsay Bolton proves once again he is crazy, and an update on Jon Snow’s cold condition. So, Bran is back! The newest episode of Game of Thrones kick starts with […]

Warning: Includes spoilers!

This week, our psychic Stark boy is back, Ramsay Bolton proves once again he is crazy, and an update on Jon Snow’s cold condition.

So, Bran is back! The newest episode of Game of Thrones kick starts with Bran walking in a flashback with the Three Eyed Raven at Winterfell during his father, Ned Stark’s youth. The Bran we knew in season 4 is now considerably older and sporting a trendier haircut. The playful swordfighting between Ned and Benjen Stark are interrupted by Lyanna Stark riding in on her horse.

From left to right: Ned, Lyanna, Benjen, Bran and the Three Eyed Raven. source

This is the first time we see Lyanna on screen aside from a commemorative statue. And can we just take a moment to cherish that Hodor used to be talkative and called Wylis? When pulled out of the flashback, the Three Eyed Raven warns Bran about drowning in visions to which he replies, “I wasn’t drowning. I was home”.

Meera, it’s okay. source

The scene cuts to outside the tree cave where Meera Reed sits in the snow. She has grown frustrated with being cooped up in the cave and still mourns the death of her brother. “It’s not safe anywhere,” she tells Bran. A moment later, the Child of the Forest informs her that Bran needs her now more than ever.

At Castle Black, it goes from 0 to 100 real quick. While Jon is still 10/10 dead, just as Thorne is about to whoop Ser Davos’ ass (he did say “I’m not much of a fighter”), the wildlings destroy the gate and attack the Night’s Watch until they surrender. I’ve never been so happy to see Thorne being dragged away to the cells like the animal he is.

Now, I forgot how hella strong Ser Robert Strong is. Just casually killing a man by slamming his head into a wall is a little too intense for me after breakfast.

In the Red Keep, King Tommen is getting on my nerves. He orders his guards to refuse his mother entry to Myrcella’s funeral. Who does that? Oh wait… Maybe Joffrey?

Maybe it’s because they look alike. I dunno. source

At the funeral, Jaime has a man-to-man chat with Tommen, who feels like he has failed after doing nothing during Cersei’s shame walk. Jaime offers some support with “We all fail sometimes” and urges him to see Cersei. As Tommen leaves, the High Sparrow waltzes in and Jaime threatens to kill him. Just as we’re about to see some action, the Sparrows surround Jaime and he is left with a chilling message from the High Sparrow: “We are no-one… Together we can overthrow an empire.”

Tommen tries to smooth things over with Cersei by admitting he felt weak and powerless while she was away. “You raised me to be strong,” he says to his

mother, “and I wasn’t.” They share a heartwarming embrace after his apology and plea to his mother to guide him once again. Good on ya, son.

Over in Meereen, the masters are starting to rise up in Slaver’s Bay but that’s not the main issue. It’s the dragons. Tyrion, the expert on dragons, says: “They must be unchained or they’ll waste away.” And sure enough, he goes into the dark tunnel with nothing but a torch and Varys’ moral support from the top of the stairs.

Don’t let them bite you. source

We see the dragons are bigger, have much more teeth and look like they want to blast Tyrion into ash. But he does what he does best: talking. He tells them a story of his youth about how he wanted a dragon for his birthday as he unhooks the chains from their necks. Was unchaining them such a good idea though? As Tyrion leaves the premises, he says to Varys: “Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face.” Will do, Tyrion.

In Bravvos, Ayra is still blind and getting her butt kicked by the Waif. Just as the Waif disappears from screen, a man catches Arya’s staff. Our favourite Faceless One, Jaqen H’ghar, asks her three times to say her name and he will provide her with basic provisions. Each time she responds, “A girl has no name.” Pleased with her progress, Jaqen escorts a trembling Arya away.

Back in the North, there is tension between Roose and Ramsay Bolton. Politics is hard, my friends. Roose plans to consolidate power in the North with the other houses, leaving Ramsay behind. Just as some good news arrives of Roose’s wife, Lady Walder, giving birth to a son, Ramsay hugs his father as a means to plunge a dagger into his chest.

Don’t touch that baby! source

If you think him becoming Lord Bolton is bad enough, he takes his late father’s wife and child into the dog pen and as she pleads for mercy, he states, “I prefer being an only child.” With that, he signals the hounds to attack.

The episode cuts to Sansa and Theon as they camp with Brienne and Podrick.  Sansa wishes for Theon to journey to the Castle Black with them. He refuses and when asked where he will go, he says, “Home.”

Speaking of home, the episode cuts to Yara and Balon Greyjoy, who are arguing and he refuses to listen to her. Well, she doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. On a creaky old bridge connected to two towers, the old Greyjoy is greeted by his younger, long lost brother, Euron. The rain is pouring, the wind is angry. “I am the storm, brother. The first storm and the last, and you’re in my way,” Euron states a moment before he throws Balon off the bridge.

At the funeral, Balon is given

to the waves in Ironborn fashion. Yara seems like the appropriate successor to the Salt Throne, but a kingsmoot must be as the nobles decide who will be their next ruler. “Perhaps you’ll be the first woman to rule the Ironborn. Perhaps you’ll not,” the Damphair tells her.

And last but not least, my favorite part of this entire episode.



Lady Melisandre did the thing after we’ve been speculating about the thing and now, our baby Jon Snow is back! The ritual was careful and delicate as she spoke in a mystical tongue. She washed Jon’s body, cut his hair and threw the strands into the flames. The camera lingered on Jon’s blue body as disappointment hung in the air when he did not respond. She offers a soft “please” before leaving, followed by the rest of the company.

They really should have stayed because a few tense moments later, Ghost awakens from his nap as Jon opens his eyes, gasping for breath. We all know that resurrection by magic comes with a price. It’s a staple in fantasy. But right now, it’s good to have Kit Harrington back in the game.


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