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A body language expert believes that MAFS’ Lauren knew about Ellie and Jonathan’s relationship

Wait, what?

Jonathan and Ellie shocked the nation when they breezed into the MAFS Reunion Dinner Party together, but a body language expert believes that Lauren knew about her ex’s new relationship.

Jonathan, who was married to Lauren during the experiment, entered the dinner party hand in hand with his new girlfriend. The group were shocked to see them as a couple and made it clear that they weren’t aware that the two were dating.

However, Combined Communications Specialist and Body Language Expert Scott Taylor, told Chattr that Lauren’s body language suggested that she knew that Ellie and Jonathan were coming together.

Ellie and Jonathan at the MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

“When Ellie and John walked in Lauren looked twice and there was no flash of surprise at all. She already knew,” he said.

“Lauren had lip compression even before they came in so I’d guess she even knew they were next in “

Scott added that there were indications from other cast members that showed that they knew about the controversial new couple.

“Michael saying Jono and Ellie were last [to the Dinner Party] also indicates they knew the order (no mention Madeleine for example).

Lauren at the MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

When did Ellie and Jonathan start their relationship?

As viewers already know, Jonathan was messaging Ellie during the experiment, when he was still partnered with Lauren.

Scott believes that nothing because physical between Ellie and Jonathan until after they’d broken up with their partners, which he says helped to relieve the guilt they felt.

“Johnathan said they only really connected a week after the final vows he didn’t change vocal infection or cadence,” he explained. “I believe he has mentally reconciled it as he wasn’t physical with Ellie till then, it wasn’t inappropriate.”

Ellie and Jonathan at the MAFS Dinner Party. Nine.

Scott also observed Ellie and Jonathan’s body language as they were driving to the Reunion Dinner Party.

“In the car Johno had his legs spread out, confident people take space,” he said. “I also noticed Ellie was angled and leaning into him and even had her head tilted showing more vulnerability and openness.”

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