‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6: Epic Moments

Warning: Spoilers for the entire season of Game of Thrones!

Monday is usually Game of Thrones day. But unfortunately, the season is over and we’re back to mindlessly scrolling for another show to fill the hole that’s left behind. So much has happened over the last ten weeks so to jog your memory, here are the jaw dropping moments of Game of Thrones season 6.

  • Jon Snow came back to life! 

And on the third day, he rose! We all knew it but it didn’t help that they dragged it out for a couple of episodes before he was risen. The look on their faces when he started to breathe was priceless.

  • Melisandre’s final form. 

The Red Woman has always been a mystery to us. I don’t know if it’s her long red hair, constant ranting about the Lord of Light or her tendency to burn people, but this unveiling of Melisandre’s true form gives room for speculation on what she actually can and can’t do.

  • The origin of the White Walkers revealed. 

The lore behind the White Walkers has always been unclear until now. The Children of the Forest had created them as a weapon against their war on mankind. Oops.

  • The Night King finding Bran after he does some spooking mental teleporting.

This season saw the return of Bran Stark, the now young man without function of his legs but is able to mentally teleport into visions or memories with the assistance of the Three-Eyed Raven. As the season went on, particularly during the Tower of Joy scene, he discovers he’s also able to touch or say things to others – hence the theory he drives the Mad King mad who is said to have heard whispers. His ability also gets him in trouble a few times – like leading the Night King to their hideaway.

  • Hold the door!

Speaking of Bran getting himself into trouble, Hodor’s name, which is actually Wylis, derived from Bran entering a memory and Wylis seeing him. This triggers a seizure during which Wylis screams, “Hold the door!” over and over again until it becomes a mumbled “Hodor”. The whole time Hodor has been reliving his death, knowing that his one job is to hold the door. And he did it.


He was too precious for this world.

  • The Hound’s return.

This season has been the season of returns, one being the Hound. He’s still the same snarky Clegane, but there’s a certain quality about him that’s changed. He’s looking to redeem himself and while we didn’t see much of him this season, his recruitment into the Brotherhood Without Banners might fruit an interesting plot. You also can’t deny a man his chicken, especially the Hound.

  • The Return of the Mother of Dragons.

Dany’s Targaryen nature has been prominent this season, especially when she burns the khals in the Temple of Dosh Khaleen to death and wins the favour of the khalasar. Upon returning to Meereen, the attempt at peace is shattered by the Masters and the consequences are fiery. Dany takes flight with her fire-breathing babies and reduces the opposition to ash. Dany is back with a clearer perspective – and maybe a little too mad? But there’s hope for her! And as sails for Westeros in the finale and her dragons fly high above (finally!), she is more terrifying and badass than ever before.

  • Sansa and Jon reunited!

Probably the most heartwarming moment of the entire season was Jon reuniting with Sansa. Since being separated in season 1 with Sansa sent to King’s Landing and Jon to the Wall, the embrace they shared was beautiful – finally, a moment of happiness for the Starks (ish).

  • Brienne and Tormund OTP!

There’s no denying it: that beautiful ginger and striking blonde would be perfect for each other. If only Brienne would see it the way Tormund did. Don’t take this from us, GRRM!

  • “My watch has ended” – Jon Snow.

After hanging the traitors, Jon sheds his cloak and tells Edd he is now in charge of Castle Black. Having already died, his watch technically did end. Talk about making an exit.

  • Sam takes Heartsbane. 

Nothing says screw you like taking one of the only Valyrian steel swords left in the kingdom from your dad. Sam abandons his original plan to leave Gilly and Little Sam at Horn Hill after being abused at the dinner table by his father (something that seemed like a regular occurrence when he used to live there). Instead, he takes them with him to Oldtown where he will train to be a maester and nabs Heartbane from its mantel on the way.

  • Arya finally defeating the Waif. 

Karma bit the Waif in the butt. All that parkour, bleeding over the streets of Bravvos and smashing into a market full of oranges resulted in the Waif’s face being cut off and added to the Hall of Faces. A victory for our little Stark girl.

  • Lyanna Mormont.

The young ruler of Bear Island, Lyanna is fierce and on point. Need I say more?


  • Benjen Stark is alive-ish. 

Bran and Meera are rescued by a cloaked man who is revealed to be Benjen Stark who has been missing since season 1. However, he’s

looking at little worse for wear. After being attacked by a White Walker, his transformation was halted by a piece of dragonglass embedded in his chest. So he’s stuck between human and wight, half alive. Better than dead, I guess.

  • Arya exacting revenge on Walder Frey.

Feeding Walder his sons was probably a bit too far, but it had to be the most satisfying and chilling moment for Arya this whole season.

  • The Battle of the Bastards!

The bastardbowl delivered and it was glorious. In a medieval style of two forces colliding on the battlefield, it was undeniably brutal. Everything about this was perfect. I can’t say more.

  • Sansa kills Ramsay Bolton – finally!

The character we all love to hate met his fate at the hands of his beloved wife. Sansa has had a long journey to get to Winterfell ever since being the one all for leaving it. After being in the company of sociopaths, she has learned how to play the game and was fittingly rewarded with the decision of Ramsay’s fate. She chooses violence. Having not fed his dogs in seven days, they shred him apart as Sansa watches before walking away with a small smile. Heck yeah, Sansa!

  • Wildfire destroys the Sept of Baelor.

It’s been foreshadowed throughout the season but I didn’t quite expect it to be so fiery (get it?). Cersei’s plan to blow up the Sept of Baelor goes accordingly as wildfire rips through the sept and the streets. Rip Margaery, Loras, the High Sparrow and anyone without a 10km radius of the place. This also eliminated her competition and the threat of the Sparrows to the political structure of the monarchy.

#rip source
  • The White Wolf, the King of the North! 

Honestly, this season feels like a Jon Snow appreciation fest. It’s great! Jon is declared King of the North and his reign looks promising with his sister by his side, the Wildlings in his favour and the Northmen rallying to join him against the upcoming war. But then again, so did Robb’s.


Without explicitly stating it, Jon Snow’s heritage has finally been revealed. He is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This means Ned Stark was his uncle and Dany Targaryen is his aunt. HBO later confirmed our belief by posting a family tree on their blog.


There’s also been a fan theory that Jon’s real name is actually Jaehaerys. Sounds pretty authentic – and considering some people are hinting Jon and Dany may ally with each other (if you know what I mean), we have to remember they’re

all about keeping the bloodline pure. Right?

THIS! source

Game of Thrones season 7 will be back next year! Who do you reckon GRRM will kill off next? Who will sit on the Iron Throne? We’ll have to wait and see.