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FWAW Australia 2024’s Anna addresses rumours she’s getting her own spin-off series


Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2024‘s Anna Wilson has responded to rumours that she’s bound for a spin-off series after failing to find love on the dating show.

The 28-year-old may not have been Farmer Dustin‘s final pick, coming in as runner-up to Sophie Trethowan, but Anna certainly won fans’ hearts with her down-to-earth persona.

As such, it’s no surprise that FWAW viewers are clamouring for the midwife to get a second shot at love.

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Farmer Dustin and Sophie. Seven.

“Hear me out, let’s get a spin-off where Country Town Wants a Midwife,” one keen fan wrote on Reddit.

“They bring her around to [agriculture] shows in small towns where they bring out their top crop of eligible bachelors, the CWA do their pitch, hospital staff show her a good time, and even real estate agents show her what her new home could look like.”

Um, yes please! We’re loving this The Bachelorette/FWAW/Selling Sunset hybrid idea!

The netizen added that the spin-off could also feature other popular suitors who left the show single, otherwise “just make it the Anna show since she’s all they need”.

“Channel 7 – are you here and reading this?”

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia fans weigh in on spin-off series idea

Several other FWAW die-hards were quick to comment that they were “all for this idea” of producing a spin-off featuring Anna because she’s “just too good to fade into obscurity”.

Meanwhile, some suggested that Anna be cast as The Bachelorette or a midwife-specific series.

“I think a new format, new producers, and make it more of a community thing rather than a harem competition,” one viewer penned. “But while they’re at it they can/should show off the town’s dating prospects.”

Anna Wilson reveals she’s “overwhelmed” by her popularity post-Farmer Wants a Wife

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Anna confessed to seeing the Reddit thread about her potentially getting her own show.

“It’s too funny!” she admitted. “I can’t believe the response I’ve had.

“Everyone has sent me thousands of kind and beautiful messages and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed about it all.”

anna farmer wants a wife
Anna. Instagram.

While she’s flattered, Anna broke the news that she’s not planning on returning to reality TV anytime soon.

“At the end of the day, I am just a midwife living in a small country town who signed up to a show in the hopes of finding a husband and absolutely nothing else,” she said.

“I didn’t get the husband, so I think I’m just going to slip back into my ordinary little life.”

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