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Nice try! Here’s who has left SAS Australia 2023 so far

We're getting to the pointy end!

SAS Australia 2023 is one of the few successful reality shows that doesn’t technically have a winner, nor does it have a prize.

Instead, 14 celebrities are put through their paces in a rigorous course that imitates a real-life military training program. If they make it to the end the directing staff will decide whether they’re worthy of being recruited.

While the prize money is obsolete, the celebs don’t join the gruelling reality show for free *feigns shock*. Each contestant has a predetermined salary worked out, one that isn’t meant to be shared but is sometimes leaked.

It’s believed that Sam Burgess, Mark Philippoussis and Nick Cummins were all paid six figures for their time on the show.

However, many of the celebrities don’t make it to the end, and leave the competition either by voluntary withdrawal (they couldn’t hack it), medical discharge or are eliminated by the DS team.

Scroll through to see who has been eliminated from SAS Australia 2023.

Episode Nine

Mahalia Murphy – Voluntary withdrawal

Episode Eight

Craig MacLachlan – Voluntary withdrawal

Episode Seven

Zima Anderson – Medical discharge

Episode Six

Peter Bol – Voluntary withdrawal

Episode Five

Anthony Mundine – Voluntary withdrawal

Episode Four

Stephenie Rice – Medical discharge

Episode Two

Boyd Cordner- Medical discharge

Lindy Klim – Voluntary withdraw

SAS Australia. Seven.

Cassie Sainsbury – Voluntary withdraw

SAS Australia. Seven.

Episode One

Jason Akermanis – Voluntary withdraw

SAS Australia. Seven.

SAS Australia 2023 continues on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7.30 pm on 7 and 7Plus.

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