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Why my inner boss lady loved the film “What Men Want”

What Men Want ticks all the boxes of a cheesy rom-com; girl meets boy, one of them screws it up so there’s a fight, and then they make up and live happily ever after. Once again, the Hollywood film formula has sucked me in; it was one of the best feel good movies to be released in the last year. Although it’s a cringey blockbuster film where the director seems to have a film budget well over 10 mil, there were some top-notch life lessons that our inner boss ladies needed to hear.

*Mild spoiler alert*

You can put love before work

We millennials are career driven AF; we’re studying at uni, perhaps also interning and job hunting on Seek and Indeed.com for any industry jobs to prepare ourselves once uni life is over. For some of us, work consumes us; it’s like we’re addicted to success. Although being hungry for success is a great thing, trying to balance everything else in life can be tough. It’s okay to break down your walls and be open to meeting someone and accepting a chance for something exciting if it comes your way. Life doesn’t surround just one central component; you can have more.

What Men Want love

Trying to succeed in a man’s world sucks

It’s a dog eat dog world. Women trying to make it in a male-dominated environment definitely doesn’t help. It’s a constant battle to prove yourself. You’ll be putting in more effort than every man in your office combined to ‘prove’ you have equal worth and value.

Sex discrimination is disgusting and will unfortunately continue. In saying that, not all men are evil. In groups, they develop a crows mentality (just like women do) and can be the worst version of themselves to prove some kind of point. Ali, the central character of What Men Want, assumed her co-worker (who appeared to be a bit of a dick) was out to get her and didn’t want the best for her, when in fact he was rooting for her success the whole time because she genuinely performed better than her other co-workers. You have to have an open mind but remain aware of what obstacles may come your way. Fight but don’t chew off people before getting to know them and where they stand.

What Men Want fight


Be aware of those who do more for you than you realise

Ali’s personal assistant did a lot for her (because it was his job), but also was a better friend to her than most of the people in her life. He genuinely cared about her and wanted her to succeed. In saying that, he also wanted a little in return for his effort, such as a pay increase. He was hard-working, self-motivated and really, really deserved the role. He also deserved a much higher paycheck for the work he did for Ali. She didn’t want to hear it and constantly pushed him away for her own selfish purposes.

Business and friendship can be tricky to balance, but don’t push away the idea of being friends with someone who works for you when they genuinely like you and want great things for you as well as themselves; not everything has to be serious. Treat people how you want to be treated, especially those who haven’t given you a single red flag, and your work life and social life (even combined) will run smoothly.

What Men Want smart boy

Know your self-worth

Ali knew she was worth big money and a big promotion. She was a hard worker and with amazing self-worth. In life, having confidence and a good understanding of what you’re worth tucked under your belt will only benefit you. Unfortunately, and inevitably, shit people and shit obstacles will come our way throughout life. We have to be prepared to face that remember we are worth more than the drama, the stupidity and any unnecessary bad vibes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What Men Want attitude

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