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Where is Diana Prince now?

Ever since Wonder Woman came out and captured the world’s hearts (unless you were upset by the choice of actress) fans have been speculating on what to expect next.

Will we see Diana Prince in the Justice League film? Will there be a sequel? Will Queen Patty Jenkins direct?

Well, we have some answers!

Diana Prince
Stoked! Source.

According to Screen Rantthe Wonder Woman sequel will be set before the Justice League fallout. In the 1980’s. Yep, Diana about to kick some Cold War Soviet Union butt.

And, even better, according to them, all-around nice guy and genuine hero Steve Trevor is going to be there with her.

Give me a moment while I cry from happiness at that angel being untouched.

However some, like Mic, are asking whether having a film set only 50 years after the first is a missed opportunity for the DC Extended Universe. Whilst they acknowledge that the popularity of the first film has earned the film makers the right to do whatever they want, they’re worried it will be repetitive and won’t help the DCEU further their story.

Diana Prince returns?
Wonder Woman getting ready to kick ass. Source.

Jason Berman writes,

“Without suggesting any alternative plots, a Wonder Woman sequel could play an instrumental role in the narrative future of the DCEU, by having the events of the film have a long-lasting impact on subsequent movies.”

Which is fair call. Diana Prince is often compared to Captain Steve Rogers (Marvel’s Captain America). Many fans will be looking to see a film like Winter Soldier, where the story line is relevant to today.

However, the first time we saw Diana Prince she had stepped in to stop Batman and Superman destroying each other. She wanted to flee from the world, only helping minimally to avoid complete destruction. We’ve seen how it affected her. We’ve seen the beginning of why she’s withdrawn. Maybe this film will add to that? Maybe it will highlight why she hasn’t worked with a team since, highlighting the importance of her joining the Justice League.