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You Need a Golden Gaytime Burger in Your Life

First there was the beautiful baby between Cornetto and Golden Gaytime: the Golden Gaynetto. Then came along the fusion with Doughnut Time: the Golden Gaytime Doughnut. And just when we thought there wouldn’t be another incarnation of this timeless Aussie treat, we’ve been blessed once again.

Please welcome the Golden Gaytime Burger.

Isn’t she beautiful? Source: Pedestrian TV. 

This love child belongs to Kayer con, an awesome dessert truck from Sydney whose menu varies every month, and is quite literally a burger bun with two Golden Gaytime ice creams in between drizzled with caramel sauce. Can we just take a moment to let this settle in? This is a Golden Gaytime Burger! What a time to be alive.


Now the real juicy details – where can you get your hands on one of these? 

Simply make your way to Park Feast at Bella Vista Farm between Saturday 12 – Sunday 13 November, 11am – 10pm. This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity so I’d opt for two of everything!