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‘Thirty, flirting and thriving’ – do we all still wish we were suddenly thirty?

“Thirty, flirty and thriving” – a famous quote from a desperate and curious thirteen year old who wanted to grow up and be fabulous, fast. My question for this pre-teen: why skip your twenties? In the spirit of an all time favourite film, Suddenly Thirty, we take some perspective on  why we should never try to rush our twenties. Here’s why we should savour the moments before we turn thirty:


When you’re in your fresh, early years of your twenties and either studying at TAFE, working a crap job or even sort of have your shit together, it’s the perfect time to travel and see what the other side of the world has to offer. When you’re in your thirties, I can only imagine it gets harder to take time off to go away for big overseas trips at your full time job or get a nanny who is willing to take care of the rugrats for a few weeks. Without trying to sound too negative, it appears almost anything that involves a care-free, flexible schedule (so travelling) becomes harder to do. Think of your twenties as a pause period where the world is your oyster before reality bites you on the bum with bills, rent and a full time job to keep you busy.

Figuring out what WTF you want to do

Your twenties is the time to make goals, plan your life and all your crazy and semi-realistic ambitions. Want to be a designer? Okay, now is the best time to see if that’s the right fit for you. As well as a pause period, your twenties is also a playground full of wild chances and openings; your sandpit is job opportunities, your slippery dip is saving (and spending) and the swing-set is travelling and other joyful ‘activities’ to savour during this ten year period – so make the most of it! Your thirties decade is ‘supposed’ to be when people start to settle down, buy a home, have a career set in stone,  have babies and be married (well, everyone except the SATC gals, they were easily single and out and about until their forties). Then again, that’s generalising; not everyone chooses that lifestyle in their thirties. Thankfully in this generation, not wanting to stick to the status quo isn’t (usually) frowned upon.

Money, money, money

Money is always going to be a big card in your life, whether you have it or not. In your twenties you can play around with it while still trying to save a little for rent, travel and music festivals. In your thirties, you’ll inevitably pick up more responsibilities and more financial stress, including the obligation of buying wedding presents and baby shower gifts every year (then again, the year of 21st birthdays probably price matches your entire thirties).


Whether you use Tinder, Bumble, or simply find love at first sight (whether you’re on MAFS or just strolling the streets), you’re going to stumble across a few failed relationships (and some amazing ones too) in your twenties. Don’t let this category make you remember why you dislike being 22 years old; you needed to go out with Ron to learn why he was a dick and how you can never make that mistake again!

Thirty wouldn’t be all too bad. In the film Suddenly Thirty she wasn’t married with kids, and I know plenty of people in their thirties who are still travelling, dating their Tinder matches and working a variety of casual and part time jobs to keep things interesting. It’s 2019 – not the stepford wife era – people are making their own rules and ditching society’s outdated algorithm. Honestly, you can do whatever you want with your life, because it’s yours. However, these thirty something year olds all shared the same piece of advice – there’s no need to rush your twenties!