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These Amazing TikTok DIYs Will Have You Running to Buy This Craft Machine

More often than not this year, I find myself deep into a TikTok dive, and to be honest, I’m perfectly happy there. With too much time in iso this year, I downloaded TikTok like many other lost Millenials wondering what I’d find on the Gen Z platform, and instead of dance videos, I quickly changed up my algorithm and tailored it to conspiracy theories, dating advice (thirst Tok), astrology, and so far my fave, creative TikTok. 


Creative TikTok is where I’d like to stay. I live here now, and I’m not complaining. In spending my time here, I came across the Cricut Joy™, your ultimate DIY best friend. Wondering how it works? This smart little cutting and writing machine is ridiculously easy to set up and use, so you’ll find endless excuses to personalize, organise, and customise every single day. Cut custom vinyl decals for whatever your heart desires like mugs, drink bottles, phone cases, and in the COVID era, facemasks! You can even bust out a last-minute custom birthday card that looks like you spent a fortune at your local news agency. With plenty of projects that take just 15 minutes.


The best part is it’s all controlled through Bluetooth and an app on your phone, which is guided and super easy to follow. I love that you don’t have to be a DIY extraordinaire or even most creative person around to create amazing projects for yourself and your friends. 


Now it’s not only my “For You” page that’s poppin with creative content, but Cricut is making waves not just in Australia, but globally, recently surpassing 1 billion views with the  #Cricut hashtag on TikTok.  


I’ll let this little baby speak for itself with the TikToks: 


Check out how it draws and writes whatever your heart desires!



So satisfying to watch! 💖 #Cricutjoy #cricut #fyp #artsandcrafts #crafty #craft #continuouslinedrawing #cricutprojects #arty

♬ Lose Control – Meduza & Becky Hill & Goodboys


Custom holographic zodiac decals? Yes, please.  



Holographic Astrological Notebook! #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #cricutvinyl #vinyl #libra #astrology #holographic @officialcricut #crcut #cricutjoy

♬ Galaxy – Benny G Music

How cute is this colourful cactus drink bottle?



Simple Cricut Joy project! #cricut #cricutmade #cricutjoy #cricutprojects #diy #crafts #craft #fyp

♬ Arts. + Crafts. – ultmt.

And this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Starbucks Cup!?



My first attempt at making this! Now available in my Etsy Shop. #nightmarebeforechristmas #snowglobe #starbucks #fyp #cricut #halloween #etsyshop

♬ This is halloween – 🎃🖤👻

Make fashion-forward iron-on decals to design shirts seen on your fave celebs:



ITS CALLED FASHION, LOOK IT UP #fyp #foryourpage #kendalljenner #dior #diorchallenge #buthaveyouseen #cricut #icancricutthat #kardashians #kardashian

♬ Youre cute jeans – Tik Toker

Forgot to buy a birthday card? It’s literally so easy to make a card before you’re about to head out to a party! 



Making cards using Cricut Joy! 💌#learnontiktok #cricuttutorials #cricutjoy #cricutjoycard #cardmaking #happymail #cricuthacks #cricutprojects #mail

♬ プリーズ・ミスター・ポストマン – HINNEL’S


So obviously, I had to get my hands on one to see what all the hype was about, and I wasn’t disappointed! This little machine is so cool and I only wish I found out about it sooner, but like all things, I learn about it on Tik Tok. 


It’s seriously the ultimate DIY tool to stay creative at home, and let’s face it, we’ve been spending a lot more time at home this year, so no better time like the present to explore your inner crafty side. Plus the options are literally endless for what you can create. 


The Cricut Joy™ is available at Spotlight, Big W, Harvey Norman and Craft Online.