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“I’m gay.”


These two words can catalyse the most extreme of reactions. Typically from teenage girls.

“Oh. My. God. I love it!” – Okaaay…

“I knew it, betch”. – Congratulations Captain Obvious. Alert the press. The public MUST know.

“You are like my gay best friend.” – I literally have only just met you…

The amount of times that I have been looked upon like I am the newest fashion accessory by adoring women is ridiculous.

I just happen to be gay. That’s all.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the life of the 21st century gay.


Sure, it can be fun. I mean, I can go out clubbing any day of the week and be able to find a female friend to dance or chat with by the drop of a compliment or joke, but isn’t the whole idea of a G.B.F (gay best friend) a little jaded.

Why is it that many women find themselves wanting a gay best friend? Is it desirable to have male company with no romantic or sexual connotations involved or has the idea just become a desirable cliché, like so many other stereotypes within our society?

Rule number one. I am not interested in being paraded around by you and please do not introduce me as your GBF. I often find myself wondering what the reaction would be if the tables were turned.

“Oh my God. You will just love her. She is super sassy and straight – has been for like ages.”

 Seems a little odd, don’t you think?

I have been introduced as this GBF accessory one too many times. There I stand, meeting a strange group of people with my capturer latching on to my arm.

Then come the common questions.

Oh my God. Come dance to Gaga with me?” – Um, is this because Applause has a good beat or because Gaga is supposed to be my Jesus or something?

“You’re so sassy! How are you so sassy?” – Keep this up and you will see just how sassy I really can be.

We should like make out! Yeah?” – Yeah. No. Kind of attracted to guys. You know… gay, remember.

“So which one is the boy and which one is the girl?” – We are both the boy. You know, it’s kind of the point.

I also am not the perfect match for your other gay best friend.

“Do I have the guy for you! He is like super hot and gay!”

Please excuse me whilst I die from excitement. You mean to tell me you have found my soul mate? The man of my dreams? And he is gay? A little pointer, being gay does not make us compatible (but like… if he is as attractive as you say he is, sure introduce us).


If anything, please just remember that if you so happen to befriend someone who is gay, appreciate them for who they really are and not what you want them to be. Enjoy their humour, rather than their supposed ‘fierce style’. Find enjoyment in their company, rather than their sexuality. Maybe if you are lucky enough, you may just find yourself a best friend.