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The Amazing Race EP4: The teams kick off Island Week

Last night on The Amazing Race Australia, the teams headed to North Queensland as we kicked off Island week, and we bid farewell to Childhood Friends, Malaan and Tina.

In Townsville, teams took part in a Roadblock that saw one teammate abseil down Townsville’s Castle Hill, a one hundred metre cliff face, at night. “Yeah, no biggie”, said no team ever. On the way down, the teams also needed to make a choice between Brawn or Brains, a choice which will have a huge impact later in the Race.

Channeling his Nigerian royalty roots, The Power Couple’s Dolor managed to conquer his fear of heights, to be the king of this castle.

The next challenge saw teams fly off the coast of Townsville to the tiny Palm Island, where they performed the Imbala dance. This was no 2am D-Floor with a little liquid courage. In this dance, rhythm and coordination are very important.

After successfully performing the dance, their next step was a Detour.

In this Detour, teams had to choose between On Air or On Time. In On Air, teams performed a 25 second script, word perfect, at the local radio station. In On Time, teams made pizza and delivered it to a local footy fan. 

After 14 attempts at On Air, Sefa and Jessica finally realised that radio announcing was not their forte.

With the Detour out of the way, teams headed to their final challenge. Here they were confronted by their first U-Turn. A U-Turn in the Race is a power move, seeing the leading team force another team behind them to return and complete both sides of a Detour.

The power fell to The Parents, who dealt the powerplay to The Power Couple, making them go back and complete the On Time challenge after they’d already finished On Air.

In the final challenge, teams had to cut a section of grass on the airport runway with nothing but nail scissors (#lawnporn look it up, it’s a thing), before they received their next clue, directing them to the Pit Stop.

The Cowboys arrived first on the mat, followed by The Parents. Sadly, it was The Childhood Friends who arrived last and were eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia.