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Simple Things That Your Skin Will Endlessly Thank You For

The winter blues can’t help but dampen everything, especially the glow-y nature of our skin. So if you’re one of those rare breeds who has been blessed with perfect skin, yet you eat Maccas, drink soft drink every day and never cleanse your skin, please politely exist out of this tab without making yourself known.

However, for those regular humans, I’m going to assume your skin instantly becomes more difficult to maintain when the chilly, windy weather rolls through. It also probably has something to do with the fact that we all enjoy comfort eating while sitting on the couch, all rugged up watching a movie, instead of spending the day off down exercising in the freezing cold. But that’s just a guess…

So I’ve compiled a list of simple things you can do to fight the winter blues to keep your skin as healthy and happy as possible no matter the weather!

Drink more water

Your mum says it, your sports coach used to say, you already know it. So why aren’t you doing it? It’s really the easiest AND best thing you can do for your skin. Carry around a 750mL water bottle and drink at least 3 full bottles throughout the day, have a glass of water with your breakfast and dinner, and you will have had more than the required amount of water for the day!


Drink green tea

This is good for red and blotchy skin as green tea has anti-inflammatory properties in it. Also, green tea has many other benefits as it is loaded with polyphenols, which reduces the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage.


Minimise your dairy intake

Research from the Harvard School of Public Health found that teenage girls who consume a lot of milk are almost 30 percent more likely to have acne than those who drink less (surprisingly, skim milk seems to be a worse offender than whole milk). That’s not to say cut it out completely – just minimise.


Wear sunscreen

Even if it is winter right now, Australia still has harsh UV rays, so it is extra important not to forget to wear sunscreen! Wear it under your moisturiser in the morning, and you won’t even notice it’s on – but your skin sure will thank you for it.


Cleanse and moisturise

If you don’t have time to do a whole 7-step ‘cleanse, tone, hydrate’ ritual like most people living in the busy, real world, stick to the basics! A good cleanser and moisturiser will go a long way and help fight the pesky flaky skin.

Wash your makeup brushes

You won’t believe how much dirt is hiding in there, and each time you do your make-up, you’re wiping that bacteria back onto your face! Here is a really good post on how to clean them.