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Search for School Girl’s Body in Bulli

Police led a hand-cuffed and convicted murderer into bushland around Bulli Tops on November 23 in hope of finding the body of a victim after 18 years.

Vinzent Tarantino, 49 (formerly known as Victor Gerada) confessed to abducting and murdering Quanne Diec after walking into Surry Hills Police Station and being interviewed by detectives on November 20.

Quanne Diec. Source.

Quanne Diec was last seen on the 27th of July 1998 on CCTV footage at one end of Factory Road. She never appeared on the camera at the other end.

Tarantino, a former Kings Cross night club bouncer, was captured following Quanne on the security footage. It’s alleged that Tarantino attempted to lure Quanne into his car. Court documents state that he had the intention to cause her harm and hold her for ransom.

The then 12 year old was on her way to Clyde Station, intending to catch the train to Strathfield Girls High School. She would have been 30 years old this year.

Vinzent Tarantino was charged with murder, detaining a person for advantage and possessing a knife, after appearing in Sydney’s Central Local Court on November 21.

Tarantino remained a prime person of interest throughout the missing persons case. He lived only a couple of streets away from the Diec home. The Sydney West property he grew up in has been searched as part of the new investigation into the disappearance. It is thought that Tarantino knew Quanne’s routine movements and targeted her deliberately.

Police searching for Quanne Diec’s remains in Vinzent Tarantino’s childhood home. Source.

Tarantino allegedly told police he strangled Quanne after a failed attempt to kidnap her. However, the motive to kidnap her in the first place, remains unknown.

Superintendent Scott Whyte from Rosehill Local Area Command spoke at a media conference in Sydney in regard to the search in the bushland south of Appin Road at Bulli Tops.

“This operation is with a view of hopefully locating the body of Quanne Deac,” he said.

Little detail was shed about the case, but it has been said that police believe Quanne was alive for only a short time after she was kidnapped.

Quanne’s parents still live in the same house at Granville, having the hopes that their youngest child would one day come back and be able to find them. Throughout the years, they have kept her room the way it was and have travelled Australia hoping to confirm reported sightings of their daughter.

After hearing the devastating news, the grieving parents have moved to stay with relatives. They have said that they can no longer bare living in the house and will be selling it.

Quanne’s parents Ann and Sam. Source.

An initial reward of $100,000 for information leading to Quanne’s location was offered at the start of the case. A year after her disappearance, the NSW Government increased the reward to $200,000.

The search to recover Quanne’s remains continues, in hope of bringing closure to her family.