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Schools in Victoria to Teach About Male Privilege

In a bold move by the Victorian State Government, $21.8 million will go towards the Respectful Relationships program, which aims to educate students about respectful relationships, the concept of male privilege and family violence.

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The program will be rolled out over the next two years as part of the new Victorian Curriculum, and will favour a “holistic approach to Respectful Relationships across schools and early childhood services”. The program will be taught across all school years, focusing on reducing the impacts of disadvantage, and keeping children in education.

Public reaction to the program however, has not been universally positive. It’s almost as if some people have seen the words ‘male privilege‘ and become blinded to all the good this program could do. Take a look at some of the comments posted under the program’s announcement on The Australian‘s Facebook page:

Despite the fact that the program is about creating respectful relationships through emphasising gender equality through relationships, challenging gender stereotypes and focusing on how damaging family violence can be, it seems like people just aren’t on board.
By enforcing school-based prevention in schools across Victoria, the program has a real opportunity to drive change within the community. Hopefully it’ll encourage students to look critically at the cultures around them, which would be great considering the certain toxic cultures that exist today. It’s a shame that people aren’t on board – hopefully they will be soon.